Disinfection cabinets are often used in restaurants to disinfect some common tableware and towels. Is the household disinfection cabinet useful? Many people still have questions. After I want to understand the disinfection principle of the disinfection cabinet, you should be able to find the d
[China Aluminum Industry Network] 1. Selection of dyes for aluminum oxidation equipment There are a wide variety of organic dyes, and dyes need to be selected according to different uses and product grades. Soluble vat dyes are expensive and excellent in color fastness, so they are mostly used in t
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Tile design should consider a variety of factors, not only to pay attention to mold flowers, patterns, colors, surface texture, reasonable luster, reasonable specifications, supporting products, etc. to meet the decorative features, but also have to be non-slip, anti-fouling, anti-wear, ac
The car lights will be a bicycle light, not only at night but also lighting. It is very troublesome to remove the bicycle headlights, mainly for replacing the batteries, and to prevent others from taking them by hand. The idea of ​​the “RYDON Pixio” bi
The house takes the situation as the body, the spring water as the blood, the land as the flesh, the grass as the hair, the house as the clothes, and the portal as the crown. If it is such a thing, it is a good thing, but it is Shang Ji. Explain that the pattern is well matched and important t
Infrared cameras have outstanding advantages such as long-range night vision, strong concealment, and stable performance in surveillance cameras, thus occupying most of the market in CCTV night vision surveillance. Infrared camera technology classification After infrared technology was discovere
There are many terminology in the jade industry that makes it difficult to understand. Pick the jade to talk about the eye, provide the following points as a reference: 1, first of all to determine what you are buying is a natural A cargo jade. It is difficult for a friend who has purchased j