Paint can make our walls colorful, but the accompanying problems make us very distressed, such as paint cracks, paint tarnish and so on, so if you want to put an end to these problems, you still have to start from the construction, today Xiaobian gave everyone a talk about how to solve the wall prob
First, the prerequisite The emergence of automotive hard disk recorders solved the confusion of the relevant departments. The vehicle digital hard disk video recorder is a special embedded digital hard disk video recorder installed on a mobile vehicle and integrating digital video recording, moni
The application of LCD splicing has been popularized in various industries in our lives. Now we analyze in detail the common problems and solutions we encounter in the daily use of LCD splicing screens. Signal interference is the installation and use of LCD splicing screens. Often encountered in th
How about strong standard tiles? In our life, ceramic tiles are indispensable. Building a house, building roads, etc. all require ceramic tiles. The style and quality of tiles used at home will undoubtedly affect our lives. Tile brand is also loved by many people. What about a strong standard tile?
The signal obtained from the video source is sent to the video capture card via the video interface. The signal is first converted into analog to digital and then sent to the digital decoder for decoding. Analog-to-digital converter ADC is actually a video decoder. It can be seen that it decodes an
Abstract On December 3, 2015, the “Ben Lang Scholarship” awarding ceremony was held in Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology. Professor Cheng Fuan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Materials and Mineral Resources College, Professor Xiao Guoqing, Dean of the Instit