The boiler blows the door to adjust the water level during operation. When the blow door is opened, the pressure drops rapidly, the water level rises rapidly, and the false water level is generated. At this time, the water supply should be increased. When the blow door is closed, the pressure rise
Recently, some media reported that many famous brands of copper faucets contain lead, and lead precipitation exceeds national standards. For a time, the lead precipitation of the faucet has become the focus of attention. Why is the faucet exceeding the lead? "The main raw material for fa
The high partition in the office has been widely used, so there are also many high partition materials entering the market, which provides an opportunity for the high partition to further occupy the market! What are the office high partition materials? The following small series will introduce
Scaffolding is an indispensable and important tool in the construction of buildings. In the event of failure of scaffolding, it often results in many casualties. Therefore, all kinds of scaffolding must be strictly controlled and ten gates must be carefully taken. 1, material off: strictly in accor
With the progress of the times, people have pursued bathing as a kind of life enjoyment. Perfect bathroom decoration and decoration can easily let people enter another space of comfort and enjoyment, so the sanitary feng shui effect is very important. It also directly affects people's emot