one. Lock industry overview [A] Basic situation 1. Domestic market situation At present, China is the world's largest producer and consumer of locks. The manufacturers are mainly concentrated in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Shanghai and Shandong. In the category layout, Zhejiang Wenzhou forms a traf
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When nitrogen-deficient rapeseed is deficient in nitrogen, the leaves are yellow, the growth is weak, and the plants are short. Generally, nitrogen-deficient red leaves are prone to occur during drought and de-fertilization. Remedy: Apply 7.5 kg of urea per acre, or apply 15 to 20 kg of ammonium b
Since ancient times, the display and placement of crafts have been particularly important. He is the embodiment of interior design, not only can play a decorative role, but also highlight the character of the owner. Therefore, the placement of handicrafts should be taken seriously. First of a
Spring is coming, and the climax of the renovation has begun. There are many problems in the purchase of building materials in the decoration. How to choose the wardrobe is also one of them. You can find out, I believe that the purchase of the wardrobe will help. The first is the appearance +
Circuit breaker: A mechanical switching device that can turn on, carry, and disconnect current under normal circuit conditions, and can also be turned on, carrying a certain time and breaking current under specified abnormal circuit conditions. Reactive Dye Printing ThickenerThickener for Rea
In recent years, the rapid growth of the lock industry has attracted particular attention. At present, the industry's sales are about 40 billion yuan, and the output is 1.9 billion. According to customs statistics, the average annual export growth rate of the lock industry during the