Winter decoration: experts teach you how to choose the living room solid wood flooring

Winter decoration: The experts will teach you how to choose solid wood flooring in the living room. Everyone has a different understanding of the home. How can you decorate the perfect home with limited funds? In home renovation, many owners are concerned about the cost of renovation. Therefore, before the renovation, we must plan well. Only good planning can reduce the cost. Here, Xiaobian specifically for you to integrate the warmest home improvement information this winter, let you dress up the most beautiful love home!

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In the home environment, the living room is the place where most people gather and use the most. Therefore, the maintenance of solid wood floors in the living room is particularly important. Maintaining solid wood flooring is an important step in the maintenance of the floor. However, what kind of conservation is scientific and reasonable conservation?

The basic premise of using solid wood flooring

Good solid wood flooring requires good maintenance, which is just as good as good car maintenance. Solid wood floors must be used after 48 hours of full installation, such as placing furniture, cleaning floors, etc. It is recommended that the floor be cleaned and serviced after 48 hours of installation to improve physical properties. If you do not stay in time, you must ventilate the room daily. This is a preliminary work before the official use, and plays an important role in the maintenance of solid wood floors in the future.

Pay attention to the daily maintenance of solid wood flooring

The daily cleaning of solid wood flooring plays an important role in the service life of solid wood flooring. In daily use, it is forbidden to use harmful chemicals to clean the floor, such as dust-injecting agents of unknown composition. For daily cleaning, use a damp cloth with a moisture content of less than 30% to clean the surface. If there are stains on the floor, such as vinegar, salt, oil, etc., contaminate the floor, you can use Golden Eagle Iger special cleaning products, and do not use gasoline for cleaning. Perhaps, you are most concerned about the indoor temperature and humidity problems, floor experts recommend that: indoor temperature is maintained at 16 °C ~ 24 °C, indoor relative humidity ≤ 40%, humidification measures should be taken; room relative humidity ≥ 100% should be Ventilation and dehumidification, the best air humidity between 40 ~ 70.

Solid wood flooring professional maintenance is essential

Solid wood flooring is subject to a variety of natural and human causes and should be regularly maintained. Therefore, we propose the slogan that 'the floor is a living body and needs timely maintenance'. Solid wood floor maintenance experts pointed out that: In order to maintain the original color and texture of solid wood flooring, but also to improve the service life of solid wood flooring, there must be regular maintenance. In general, after the installation of the solid wood floor is completed, it is necessary to perform a maintenance, and be sure to use professionally matched skin care products. For different materials, different surfaces of the floor, maintenance of skin care products are not the same. For oil-faced floors, Golden Eagle Iger has pure natural skin care products derived from plants such as soybeans and coconuts, and is an ideal cleaning and maintenance product for oil-based flooring. This product is also environmentally friendly and can be used on all untreated wood to provide maximum protection on the surface of the wood. It can thoroughly clean the surface of wooden products and can also be used to clean painted solid wood floors.

Experts advise you:

Shielding measures should be taken in the balcony or in direct sunlight.

A severe scratch and damage can be repaired with a colored repair cream;

It is recommended to install solid wood flooring before check-in. Do not leave the floor unoccupied for a long time after installation. If you do not stay in time, you need to ventilate the room every day.

Solid wood flooring has the physical characteristics of logs, and the color difference, expansion, and contraction that occur with the season are normal.

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