Feb. 8 Shandong Linyi Xinlong ** Price Quotes

Shandong Linyi Xinlong ** device is operating normally, the recent sales situation is still acceptable, the factory inventory is normal, the current 93% ** factory price 600 yuan / ton, 98% ** factory price 610 yuan / ton, manufacturers sources are acceptable, the actual transaction Negotiable.

1 Lock body made of brass, durable, lightweight, cylinder can be copper or iron, copper and iron key can.

2 Shackle made of iron chrome, nickel, or spraying. In addition, it can also make stainless steel or copper hook hook. Shackle can be extended according to customer needs to 40MM 60MM 90MM.

3 Lock body surface may print the company name, pattern, number, print mode is molded or laser
4 The lock cylinder according to customer's needs, to make keyed different, flush keys, key executives
Our products are widely used in electricity, engineering industries lockout / tagout, gas pipeline, meter boxes, metering boxes, factories, property, mines and so on.


Medium Type Brass Padlock

Medium Type Brass Padlock,Solid Brass Padlock,Medium Duty Brass Padlock,Medium Thick Brass Padlock

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