Swedish researchers use zeolites to convert naphtha to diesel

Swedish researchers use zeolites to convert naphtha to diesel

Researchers from the University of Stockholm and other institutions in Sweden published a new article in the UK’s “Journal of Nature and Chemistry”, stating that with a special structure of zeolite materials, industrial feedstock naphtha can be directly converted to diesel to supplement existing energy supplies.

Naphtha is a general term for some light petroleum distillates. It can separate organic materials such as gasoline, kerosene, and benzene, and is often used as an industrial raw material. Zeolites are porous mineral materials that can screen material at the molecular level and are widely used as adsorbents, ion exchangers, and catalysts. Researchers at the University of Stockholm have discovered that a zeolite, code-named ITQ-39, is the most complex internal structure known so far. Its internal pore structure can be used to catalytically treat naphtha. After the catalytic action of this zeolite, Naphtha can be directly converted to diesel oil.

According to reports, the supply of naphtha is relatively abundant, and the demand for diesel oil is relatively high. It has not been found before that it can commercialize and convert naphtha into a highly efficient catalyst for diesel oil. Therefore, this discovery is helping to solve the current problem. The energy issue is very meaningful. (Reporter Huang Hao)

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