Seven places in the renovation that can't save money

It is said that there are three major rules for decoration: the basic money is spent, the people are basically exhausted, and the relationship between husband and wife is basically broken. In the face of such a huge renovation project, the quality of home improvement has become "the most important thing." Here is a detailed explanation of the few places in the decoration that can't save money. Give you a wake-up call and check for your decoration.

[Water and fire ruthless switch socket to buy good]

1 socket fakes the most, the average person can not tell the true and false, so it is recommended that the socket switch these things as much as possible in the building materials supermarket, the quality is guaranteed.

2 switch classification: single open double open three open and open. When designing the circuit, it is necessary to take energy-saving into consideration, otherwise a spotlight will be 15W, which is too expensive. At this time, it is necessary to use multiple switches to group the lamps, which is relatively power-saving.

3 select the socket:

Safety sockets - families with small children must consider the choice of safety sockets, which have special protective measures.

Waterproof socket - suitable for bathroom kitchen.

Air conditioning socket - dedicated to air conditioning, can not be mixed with other outlets.

Ordinary sockets - it is best to use a 5-phase socket (that is, 5 eyes, like an air-conditioning socket is 3 eyes, five eyes are one is three plug, one is two plug), easy to use.

Where do I need to leave the socket?

Kitchen: Range hood outlet water dispenser socket refrigerator socket; it is best to leave 2 sockets above the counter top to facilitate the use of some small appliances, such as rice cookers, ovens, etc.

Toilet: Washing machine socket water heater socket (if you choose electric water heater, you need to leave this socket) It is best to add a socket next to the mirror to facilitate the charging of the razor.

Bedroom: One power outlet is provided on each side of the bed; one telephone socket is provided on one side; if necessary, you can consider setting the network cable; air conditioning socket, cable TV socket.

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