Introduction of production process of mineral wool board

Substrate processing

Put a certain amount of mineral wool into the container and add water to stir, separate the cotton from the slag ball, sink the slag ball at the bottom, remove the mineral wool, and then wash the cotton and dry the water and weigh it. Sometimes the mineral wool is also decomposed into granulated cotton by a granulator and then used. The additives such as adhesives and water repellents are mixed and mixed into a slurry according to the ratio, and formed on a long net copying machine. The slurry is filtered and vacuumed. Squeeze into a certain thickness of the blank, and then dry it into a mineral wool substrate after cutting.

Decoration processing

Blind hole processing: the semi-finished product is rolled and rolled out through holes of different sizes and shapes to increase the sound absorption effect, and then the edge finishing, coloring and drying are finished products. Processing of grooved plates: Blind-hole plates are machined into grooves in both vertical and horizontal directions by a special milling machine, or milled out in a circular shape, colored, and dried. Printing of the printing plate: The semi-finished product is coated with the pre-formed paint through the template on the printing machine, and various patterns are printed. The pattern can also be sprinkled with fine sand and then dried. Processing of the relief plate: After the semi-finished product is colored, various patterns are pressed by a press equipped with a relief plate, and then cut and opened. The embossed board is manufactured by a professional factory and has high processing cost.

Mineral wool loose, grinding paper and beating, mixing and mixing, into the constant trough, slurrying, molding, drying in the room, cutting out (2.4m saw into 1.2m) putty, drying, spraying, embossing, Cutting (600mmX600mm), spraying adhesive, packaging and storage. The mineral wool board produced by the company is made of high-quality cotton-like cotton as the main raw material, which does not contain harmful components. It is a safe and environmentally-friendly green building material.

Mineral wool board----production line

It has the characteristics of elegant decoration, fireproof, moisture proof, heat insulation, heat preservation and sound absorption. The paper gypsum board production line developed by the company uses an advanced DCS monitoring system. According to the production link of the gypsum board production line, the whole line can be divided into batch forming, central control, automatic board entry, automatic board release, and drying kiln temperature control.

Ingredient forming section: mainly includes gypsum powder auger, thick slurry pump, foaming agent metering pump, conveying auger, slurry mixer, molding station mixing mixer, platform vibration machine, ring belt forming machine and other equipment. Thanks to the computerized recipe management control system, the workstation realized the scientific ratio of gypsum powder, foaming agent and slurry. High precision, easy operation, labor saving and power saving.

Central control section: mainly through field bus data acquisition and processing, monitoring molding process, and drying process. Relying on a powerful database, the temperature and humidity and various process parameters are recorded in real time, realizing scientific management. The computer management interface is friendly, easy to operate, and the process parameters are clear at a glance. Ingredients, molding, drying, all-round automatic control. Even beginners can handle it with ease.

Automatic board entry section: mainly consists of automatic line breaking machine, conveyor belt, roller conveyor, flapper, kiln distribution machine, 6-layer acceleration into the board and other equipment, through the automatic control of the PLC, after the gypsum board is cut off, Accelerate and enter the production process of the kiln.

Automatic boarding section: mainly includes 6-layer accelerating board machine, layering distribution machine, lateral conveyor belt, roller conveyor, sawing machine and stacker.

Mineral wool board----process

Through the fieldbus control system consisting of sensors, PLC, touch screen and control cabinet, the automatic flow of gypsum board from the exit plate to the sawing, edge sealing, stacking, automatic stacking and other processes is completed. Parameter modification, production query, easy and accurate. Real-time event alarms and status queries are easier to operate and maintain.

Drying drive, temperature control and hot air circulation system: The system collects temperature and humidity signals from the field by remote intelligent instrument and humidity sensor transmitter. The drying conveyor and the hot air circulation machine are controlled by microcomputer processing.

Due to the use of variable frequency speed regulation, the drying control is accurate and energy-saving. Due to the DCS distributed control system, it has the characteristics of centralized management and decentralized control.

Control and data acquisition is done automatically by each subsystem, and the control center performs real-time monitoring and data logging of the entire production process, greatly reducing the chance of system crashes due to layout failures.

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