The world's first super material production line is in deep production

The world's first super material production line was officially put into production in Shenzhen. According to reports, Shenzhen will comprehensively promote the industrialization of super material innovation technology this year, and related concepts are expected to break out.

The world's first super material production line is in deep production

On the second anniversary of the birth of Shenzhen Guangqi Institute of Advanced Science and Technology, the world's first super material production line, Shenzhen Guangqi Super Material Production Line, was officially put into operation in Longgang District, Shenzhen, marking the official launch of the ultra-materials field from the laboratory to the production line. Yesterday morning, Mayor Xu Qin announced that the Guangqi super material production line was put into production. City leaders Jiang Zunyu and Tang Jie participated in the ceremony.

The Guangqi Supermaterials production line project was settled in Longgang, Shenzhen in July last year. The total planned investment of the project is 100 million yuan. It is estimated that the annual output value of the super-materials comprehensive products will be about 500 million yuan after the completion of the project, driving the upstream and downstream related industries to a scale of 5 billion yuan.

2012 is the second anniversary of the establishment of the Guangqi Institute of Technology. In the past two years, Guangqi Research Institute has achieved fruitful results. With the speed of submitting 25 invention patents per week, it has covered the underlying core intellectual property on a large scale. More than 1,786 patents have been submitted, accounting for more than 85% of the total global patents in this field. , covering basic design, key components and product applications, has established Guangqi's global leading position in the field of metamaterial design.

It is reported that Guangqi has comprehensively promoted the industrialization of supermaterial innovation technology since the beginning of this year, and the four industrial clusters represented by Guangqiu Materials Space Communication Technology, Wireless Interconnect Technology, Guangqi Optical Subnet Technology and Special Electromagnetic Metamaterial Technology have gone hand in hand. Into the comprehensive industrial application of super materials and occupy the commanding heights of the global super material industry chain; Guangqi will also set up five international-level scientific research platforms, develop 50 kinds of independent source innovative super material products, gather 500 world-class cutting-edge scientific research personnel, and implement light Launched the patent strategy, realized 5,000 core intellectual property coverage, and actively played the role of “super material industry fund” with a total value of 2 billion yuan, vigorously supported the development of upstream and downstream enterprises in the super materials industry alliance, and formed an innovative technology gathering with a scale of 100 billion output value. Area.

Metal processing online noun explanation:

Metamaterial : “Supermaterial” refers to artificial composite structures or composite materials that have extraordinary physical properties not found in natural materials. By constructing an orderly design on the key physical scales of metamaterial materials in the United States, it is possible to break through the limitations of certain apparent natural laws, thereby obtaining extraordinary material functions beyond the ordinary nature inherent in nature.

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