Decoration standard of fine decoration room

The refined decoration room is the product of the continuous improvement process of Jane's decoration room, which appeared in Shanghai in this century.

The decoration standards are usually as follows:

The top surface has a certain shape, and considers certain design effects and styles. The material is exquisite and environmentally friendly;

The floor uses branded vitrified bricks, antique bricks, or high-grade materials such as marble;

The two key areas of the bathroom and the kitchen are all finished with high-quality fine decoration. In the parts, they will basically adopt well-known brands and guarantee after-sales service and factory cabinets.

Basically, it will not be equipped with movable furniture. Because people's personal requirements for furniture are relatively strong in life, finely furnished furniture and accessories are basically not feasible at this stage. Of course, there are still special projects.

The reasons for the formation, the fierce competition in the real estate market, the survival of the fittest.

After achieving the results, the small owner once again looked at the model house and handed it over to the building according to the model house. The effect of the decoration was agreed by the small owner at the beginning, and of course it would not be dismantled.

With quality problems, developers can be directly found, and developers will no longer shirk their responsibility to the decoration company. On the one hand, it saves material waste, noise environment and Other pollution caused by personal decoration. On the other hand, it has rectified the non-standard domestic building materials market.

Compared with the rough house, there is another word, that is, the "finished house." Just like

The finished house is the inevitable result of the development of hardcover houses.

It is a community of interior design and architectural and landscape design that were combined in the early stages.

In terms of design, it is different from the original rough house. It is based on the overall project positioning, giving priority to the interior space design, extending the building facade and structural design, and integrating with the landscape design.

It is for the interior designer to set the wall scale, hydropower positioning, and integrate into the architectural design and structural design.

The decoration materials are usually completed by integrating mature resource manufacturers and companies.

Renovation and construction is carried out in a refined and planned assembly line with fine rhythm in the fine decoration.

The delivery building has an environmental certificate issued by an authoritative organization, and the supervision unit issues the acceptance certificate of the construction process node, and has a warranty period of 2 years after delivery.

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