Hong Kong made a solar car with green creativity

Hong Kong made a solar car with green creativity

Teachers and students of the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education have successfully developed a lightweight solar electric car "Sophie", which requires only 35 minutes of charging and can travel 15 kilometers even in the absence of sunlight. It was acquired in the eco-car marathon in Malaysia. runner up.

The team responsible for this project is a team of 26 people, including 6 tutors and 20 students, including students from various disciplines such as mechanical engineering, electrical machinery, smart houses, technology and automation, and creative toy design. They are designing, drawing and simulating tests. Material division and cooperation in areas such as setting and calculating energy power. The current third-generation Sophie can reach a speed of 50 kilometers per hour. If the situation is the most energy-efficient, it can reach a speed of 30 kilometers per hour.

The design team also specializes in making lighter, transparent soft films, making solar panels instead of solar panels made of glass, and reducing unnecessary components such as doors, air conditioning systems, and sound systems. In order to simplify the overall design, only the body, motor, wheels and solar modules are retained, reducing the weight of the vehicle body to 60 kg, further saving energy.

At the eco-car marathon held in Kuala Lumpur in July this year, Sophie competed with 130 teams from 18 countries and regions. The most energy-saving way was achieved in 23 minutes on the Sepang International Circuit on the F1 track. Schedule and won second place.

He Jianxun, a lecturer at the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education in charge of the project, said that the project cultivates students' awareness of environmental protection and promotes green technology. He said: "Students can understand that it is not easy to get access to the energy of nature. I believe this project will increase their awareness of environmental protection. We also hope that the public will pay attention to environmental protection and it is not easy for the next generation to understand solar energy. Get it, don't waste it."

He Jianxun hopes that this project can bring a demonstration role to promote the development of more solar power generation devices by academics, professional groups and industry.

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