FWQB50-25 wind submersible pump

FWQB50-25 Pneumatic Submersible Pump Submersible Pump Mining Turbine Submersible Pump Submersible Pump Model Submersible Pump Parameters Model: FWQB50-25 Maximum lift: 50m Maximum flow: 25m3h Maximum air consumption: 3.0m3 / min Working pressure: 4- 5kg / cm2 Overall dimensions: 350 × 260mm (height × diameter) Weight: 18kg FWQB series of pneumatic sand sewage sewage submersible pumps, is a new type of high efficiency, high lift drainage, wind turbine submersible pump is mainly used in mining Development, digging tunnel and shaft well construction drainage operation. Turbine submersible pump This type of turbo submersible pump is our company a number of experts, senior engineers through research and analysis, to avoid weaknesses, based on the original wind pump, to maintain the original features of the traditional products have made major breakthroughs in improvement. Turbine submersible pumps in the power section uses a vane air motor, automatic centrifugal speed control and other agencies to ensure that the rated range of high-speed operation, turbo submersible pump is a mine dig wells, the ideal drainage tool. Maintenance and daily maintenance of submersible pump in FWQB series of pneumatic sediment submersible sewage pump.

1. Feature of Mother of Pearl

1), Exquisite pearl texture

MOP is the mother of pearl cultured all kinds of pearls, and the colors are natural and lustrous, elegant and charming.

2), Breath of the Oceans 

Because of sea differing climate of the would's sea area, it cultivates natural and colorful mother of pearl. With special textures and shades, the colors of MOP are pearl white, golden, champagne, pink and mysterious black,etc.

3), Green and Natural

Mother of pearl cultures the pearl; It's very strict to the environment of growth waters, so the worldwide pearl farms select the fine-quality waters for breeding.

4), Enviromental protection and health

The vast majority of pearls are cultured. Also we have passed SGS certification, which shows our products are completely harmless to human health. It complys with the modern design concept of enviroment protection and returning to its original nature.

raw material

2, Production Process

One finsihed product needs at least 15 processes.

For resin, first cutting the resin panel into the required size, and chamfering the small panel to 45 degree or other angle. Then assemble the panels into a tissue box or other items by resin glues......

For mother of pearl, first selceting and polishing the raw material, then cut it into shell pieces, making then into same thickness and same size. Then sticking on the semi finished product by glues......

production process

3, Packaging

1) Semi finished products in our warehouse;

2) Products ready for pack;

3) Use high quality copy paper & bubble wrap to cover each products;

4) Put single item into inner box, then into large carton;

5) Packed well and waiting for containers arrive! (carton can be with wooden frame as client's need).


4, FAQ

1), Are you products made from real mother of pearl, or just imitation?

Of course these are made from real and natural mother of pearls, and the colors are matural of shell themselves, which cannot be imitated, for it's pearl texture and lustre.

2), What are your main products?

Our main products are mother of pearl home & hotel supplies, including bathroon set, photo frame, Candle Holder, Mother of Pearl Boxes,etc.

3), What's your MOQ ?

For bathroom accessory set, MOQ will be 50sets; While for single product, MOQ will be 200pcs or 500pcs.

4), Can you send samples ?

Samples can be sent for evaluation , usually sample fee will be charged and you bear the freight cost. After you place official order to us with certain amount, sample cost can be refundable.

5), What's your lead time for samples and bulk order ?

Usually 5-10 days for samples, and 15-40 days for bulk order, just depending on the order quantity.

6), How can you make sure that the products arrive at the destination safely, without damage ?

Our package way is carton, inside is high quality copy paper and bubble pack for each item, also put into small inner box respectively, which can protect the items from damaging.

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