Submersible axial flow pump features

Submersible axial flow pump is suitable for farmland water conservancy and irrigation, urban water supply, sewer drainage, especially for large water level fluctuation of rivers, lakes and floodplains pumping station flood control and waterlogging, is the traditional axial flow pump - motor unit Replacement products. The structure of the main sub-bulb type and two kinds of cross-flow. Bulb-type dry-type submersible motor is placed above the submersible axial-flow pump; the submersible axial-flow pump and the submersible motor are combined in the cross-flow structure, the power of the submersible axial-flow pump is 4-280 kW, Flow is 200 ~ 11000rT13 / l1, lift is 1.6 ~ 10. 35m. Submersible axial flow pump Features: 1, Submersible motors for the entire submerged motor, protection class IPX8, insulation class F class, temperature class B assessment. 2, sealed: submersible axial pump seal, including static and dynamic seal. Static seal for the O-ring, dynamic seal for the mechanical seal. Submersible axial flow pump has two mechanical seals, respectively, water chamber seal and oil chamber seal. The first machine seal and water in direct contact with the material is generally tungsten carbide on tungsten carbide. The second seal for the oil chamber seal, the material is generally tungsten carbide or graphite on silicon carbide. 3, Leakage protection: Oil chamber, motor chamber or junction box with oil-water probe and float switch, when there is seepage water leakage, with alarm or shutdown, to retain the fault signal and other functions. 4, overheat protection: Submersible motor winding with thermal components, when the temperature exceeds the specified value, the signal or stop. 5, submersible axial flow pump cable selection of sewage-resistant heavy-duty rubber sheathed flexible cable, the mechanical strength and stain resistance superior, the cable is based on ambient temperature 40oC, long-term continuous working conditions selected, its current carrying capacity have enough desire , Longer life expectancy. The cable gland compresses the cable gland to provide a reliable seal between the cable and the wiring compartment. Cable fixed to prevent pull off, cable strictly grounded, safe and reliable. 6, Bearings bearing safety configuration, to ensure smooth operation of the submersible axial flow pump, long life; high-tech bearings, reliable, bearing thrust bearing applications to ensure reliable pump.

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