Past and present of Cantonese furniture

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As a museum showing the history and culture of Guangzhou, Chen Jiaxuan has set up the Cantonese-style furniture exhibition hall all year round. Through a piece of exquisite wide-style solid wood furniture, a scene of traditional “Guangzhou” home was restored. This kind of wide-ranging furniture that once existed in a wide range can now only appear sporadically in ordinary families, or collectors' collections. With the development of society, all kinds of cheap and exotic foreign products have entered the furniture market, and the scarcity of the wide-ranging furniture making materials has made the development of Cantonese-style furniture more difficult.

"previous life"

One of the three major schools of Chinese traditional furniture

Traditional Cantonese-style solid wood furniture, made of high-quality wood such as rosewood, rosewood or rosewood. As one of the three major schools of traditional Chinese furniture, “Guang Zuo”, “Su Zuo” and “Jing Zuo”, Guang-style mahogany furniture originated in the Ming Dynasty and matured in the Qing Dynasty. At that time, Nanyang countries were rich in high-quality wood, and a large number of high-quality wood was continuously transported from Nanyang to Guangdong. At the same time, Guangdong and Guangxi are the main producing areas of precious wood in China. These unique conditions have made the furniture manufacturing industry in Guangdong at that time very prosperous.

In the context of Guangdong's marine economy at that time, the furniture manufacturing industry absorbed a variety of styles based on Western culture, showing unique and compatible features, becoming "Guangxian" furniture, and once in the Qing Dynasty. In the later stage of the furniture industry, it not only surpassed the "Su Zuo" and "Jing Zuo", but also became a court luxury, widely circulated and used in the country, and won praise in foreign countries, with a huge overseas market.

"this life"

Cantonese furniture will usher in another round of enthusiasm

In recent years, the collection investment of mahogany furniture has been popular. At the beginning of this year, after the volatility of the economic crisis, the price of redwoods has clearly rebounded, which will definitely drive the recovery of the mahogany furniture market. Similarly, the Guangzhou-style furniture market, which is made of high-quality mahogany, has also ushered in another round of enthusiasm.

On the other hand, although the production techniques of Cantonese-style furniture have been incorporated into the national intangible cultural heritage of the city, under the influence of more and more external factors, the production methods of Cantonese-style furniture must not be static, creating a road to innovation. It is an inevitable trend, whether it is branding or "Xinguang style furniture", it will have an impact on the entire Cantonese-style furniture market.

Deconstructing wide furniture


Precise attention to the integrity of materials

Cantonese-style furniture can be a member of the three major schools of Chinese traditional furniture, and it must have its rigor. Guangyi furniture pays attention to the integration of furniture materials, that is, it is made of the same kind of wood, and it is never doped. At the same time, Guangyi furniture is also used to making a piece of wood in the production. Therefore, if the furniture is larger, if it can be made of a piece of wood without any splicing, the value is higher. In terms of precision, the fine Cantonese furniture pays attention to “no difference”, whether it is the length of the material used or the cutting seam of the joint. In addition, the traditional wide-style furniture grinding and painting is an important step. After the completion of the wide-style furniture, you can see the clear wood grain, which naturally shows the luster and color of the wood.

● skill

Carved mosaic approaching Western style

"The Cantonese-style two-generation Cantonese-style furniture is easy to distinguish. The lines of the Ming Dynasty are relatively simple, and the Qing Dynasty is more luxurious." According to Mr. Zeng, the director of Chen Jiaxuan's exhibition of exhibits, there are many sculptures of Cantonese-style furniture in the Qing Dynasty, and there is also an important feature of Cantonese-style furniture, which is the use of mosaic techniques. The Cantonese-style furniture developed to the Qing Dynasty, and the Guangdong region has developed economy and sufficient materials, making the style of Cantonese-style furniture more and more luxurious and complex. Coupled with the worship of Western style, many Cantonese style furniture adopts Western patterns and patterns more or less in style, structure and decoration, and the carving technique is also close to Western style. At the same time, in order to pursue a beautiful color beauty, Guangyi Furniture inlaid marble (cloud), jade, enamel, ceramics, glass, etc. into the furniture, and improved the mosaic technology to another level.


Develop furniture for different functions

The Cantonese style has its own unique furniture style, such as a recliner (or a reclining chair). Because of the high temperature in the south, the recliner made of sour branches is more and more cool and does not stick to the skin, so it is suitable for rest or Leisure, usually placed in the living room. According to Director Zeng, Cantonese-style furniture also created special furniture styles for special people. For example, in the late Qing Dynasty, due to the economic development, women can live independently through work and help, thus creating a “self-combing woman” for lifelong singles. The size of the furniture for this group is smaller than that of the usual household. Because they have small living quarters and a small population, there is no need for furniture.


Cantonese style furniture collection

Rosewood and rosewood collections are more valuable

“The price of furniture in this category will not be too high,” said Zeng, who pointed to the wide-style rosewood furniture on display. Since Cantonese-style furniture has existed in a large number of ordinary households, there are still a large number of handed down products. In the urban area of ​​Guangzhou, occasionally, shops with the brand "receiving old rosewood furniture" are still visible, so that such products were produced in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China. The price of civilian wide-style furniture is not too high.

In terms of collection value, due to the different production years, fine workmanship and material selection, there will be great differences in value. Therefore, small collectors of Cantonese-style furniture can choose rosewood furniture, and the market price is much lower than that of rosewood and rosewood, but there is still some room for appreciation. Choosing fine workmanship or old rosewood furniture is more collectible. For those who have sufficient funds or strong interest, they can choose the high-grade furniture of rosewood and rosewood at a higher price, but it should be noted that the stock of rosewood and rosewood furniture on the market is small, and the identification of authentic products is difficult. Different types of collectors need to make comprehensive judgments before investing.

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