Shaft diameter and bearing key processing

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Shaft diameter and bearing key processing

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2013-05-08

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1. The key shaft diameter of the shaft diameter is generally cylindrical; the demand for surface roughness is relatively high; therefore, it is necessary to pass the fine grinding on the outer diameter of the shaft diameter; the rotation direction of the workpiece (shaft diameter) during grinding should be related to the rotation of the shaft diameter during actual operation. The direction is consistent. If the surface roughness of the shaft diameter after finishing is not enough, it needs to be ground or polished. The shaft diameter data should have the hardness after heat treatment; for grinding and polishing.
2. The key bearing pad of the bearing hole is generally soft; the inner cylindrical surface should not be machined by grinding; it can be boring, diamond boring, scraping or grinding.
When grinding, it is not necessary to use the method of matching with the shaft diameter; instead, a special grinding rod with the same dimensions as the bearing hole should be used.
Scraping is mostly used for some tile bearings; scraping with a wide blade scraper. When scraping with a craft; scratches should be shallow.
Braided bushes with internal and external shapes; special boring methods should be selected according to the detailed shape.
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