Explosion-proof electrical appliances paint, maintenance precautions

Explosion-proof electrical equipment painting and repair are highly demanding work, so there are many precautions in the operation process, but not because of cumbersome operations and cut corners, so when the explosion-proof electrical equipment brush antirust paint and protective paint Do not stain the explosion-proof surface.

Examine and test the explosion-proof performance of the equipment according to the stipulated item, and record the main parameters. If it fails to meet the requirements, it is necessary to find out the reasons, re-repair and test until it is qualified. After the electrical test is passed, a certificate of product inspection and maintenance shall be issued, signed and sealed into the inventory.

Execution of the explosion-proof electrical equipment maintenance responsibility system, who maintenance, who is responsible for, in strict accordance with the inspection standards for explosion-proof equipment to seriously check, for repair can not guarantee the safe use or serious damage can not be repaired explosion-proof electrical equipment, should be scrapped, do a good job after the scrap mark Send a designated place.

After each explosion-proof electrical equipment completes the overhaul work, it shall arrange the maintenance records and test reports.

Explosion-proof electrical equipment should be numbered to manage and establish repair files. The repair file shall indicate the maintenance equipment number, type, date of repair, content of inspections, replacement of main zeros, components, setting values ​​of safety protection devices, rated passing current value of selected fuse (wire), etc., test conditions and maintenance. Into the signature and other items.

Inventory tools, meters, materials, clean work environment, electrical equipment can not leave the workplace until parked.

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