European popular bamboo fiber will lead the domestic curtain market

In 2013, the fabric home textiles firstly combined the arts, science and technology from the fabrics, reflecting the development trend of the home textile trend from the European and American absolute focus to the diversification.

At present, it has gradually become the mainstream in European curtain fabrics. It is a special fabric made of special bamboo fiber mixed cotton and hemp fabrics that have been processed after processing bamboo. It has soft and rich handfeel. This bamboo fiber is used in the design and production of window screens to protect the environment and bring a completely new and different feeling to the consumer market.

In the design of the sense of the sense, the design with metal texture is very fashionable. The bamboo fiber is processed into a gold-and-silver stripe line by dyeing technology, and then arranged by machine weaving. The texture of the fabric is very soft, delicate and lustrous. Reflects a texture like satin. In the way of suspension, there is now a more visually sleek design.

Curtain material mix and match

According to reports, at present, in Europe's latest home furnishing process, there is also a metal copper wire which has been specially processed and added to the fabric after processing. When the curtain fabric can be made into any shape, it also has the same delicate texture. Feel.

The mix of materials is also popular in this trend, and the splicing style is still popular. The combination of cotton, lace, silk and other materials makes a piece of ordinary fabric with a bumpy visual effect and feel. More brocade, silk fabric and jacquard design will become the mainstream of surreal and gorgeous decoration, which greatly enriches and satisfies the needs and hopes of different consumers for the home soft fabric pattern.

In addition, in the current trend of the international home curtain price fabric released, it is mainly reflected in the redesign of traditional elements, paying attention to the artistic conception, showing the “new Chinese style” with water, stone, woodcut, lotus, blue and white porcelain; Environmentally-friendly materials show a sense of science and technology, highlighting functionality, using paper-cut, paper, embossing, creping, geometric patterns.

The cool and radiant "technical style" in light or metallic colors; the use of anime, sketches, graffiti, pixels and other patterns to show freedom and bold modern and childlike design; and soft, warm, natural fabric printing, Weaving, flocking, lace, embroidery and other methods, bringing comfort, relaxation experience, and refreshing exotic style, have become the most anticipated home softwear elements in spring and summer of 2010.

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2) 2 or more brackets
3) Rings ( metal or plastic)
4) 2 related finials
5) includes screws and anchor
One set including(Choice 2)
1) Metal extendable pole (Double-rails are also available)
2) 2 or more brackets
3) Rings(metal or plastic)
4) 2 related finials
5) Including screws and anchor

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