Correct use of several biological pesticides

Characteristics of biological pesticides : Residues are generally low, which is conducive to the production of green agricultural products, especially AA grade green agricultural products, but due to the variety of biological pesticides, the characteristics are different. Only the correct use can fully play its role and achieve the desired results.
1, rotenone is also known as Shi Lvbao. It has a certain repellent effect on contact and stomach toxicity. It is safe for natural enemies and has a wide spectrum of insecticides. It has good control effects on various pests such as Lepidoptera, Hemiptera and Coleoptera. For example, aphids can be sprayed with 2.5% rotenone emulsifiable concentrate 400-600 times.
2, avermectin is also known as Qiqisu, Ai Fuding, harmless, farmhouse, pyrethrin, bicinchin, abadin, Longweikang and so on. It is a brand-new antibiotic biological insecticide that has contact and stomach toxicity to pests and pests, and has a wide spectrum of insecticides. It can be used to control pests such as pear hibiscus, mites, whitefly, and heartworm, and sprayed at a concentration of 4500-5000 times.
3. The chlorinated oxime is also known as rice bran. After the larvae feed, they should be molted when they should not be molted, and the larvae will be dehydrated and starved to death due to incomplete molting. It is used for controlling P. sinensis, apple leaf roller moth, grape leaf roller moth, pine caterpillar, American white moth and the like.
4. Wu Da Oasis No. 1 is a virus insecticide . The virus directly acts on the fat extracting cells of the insects and the nucleus of the midgut, and rapidly replicates to cause the larvae to die. It can be used to control lepidopteran pests, pears and heartworms. It is best to use the drill collar pests such as the pear heartworm at the peak of the eggs.
5. Yanbaisu is an insecticide mixed with three components such as nicotine, ketone, and alizarin. It has strong contact and stomach toxicity and can be used to control Lepidoptera, Diptera and Hemiptera. And many other pests. Such as aphids, red spiders, scale insects, etc., generally use 1.1% Yanbaisu emulsifiable concentrate 1000 times, once every 7-10 days, even spray 2-3 times.
6. Saponin Nicotine is a broad-spectrum insecticide prepared from saponin and nicotine, which is resistant to rain. It can be used to control red spiders and scale insects. For example, in the prevention and control of scale insects, in the early stage of egg hatching, use 27% saponin nicotine 300 times solution, once every 5-7 days, even spray 2-3 times.
7, chitin its series of products, such as a strong, spray on the surface of the plant to form a film to prevent the invasion of bacteria, generally 2% a strong 600-800 times liquid, sprayed to the fruit formation period, the candy is in fruit The application period protects the fruit from the invasion of the bacteria and enhances the sugar content. According to the Chinese pesticide network , it is generally used once every 6-7 days, even spraying 2-4 times; Black Star 21 has the functions of inducing resistance, inhibiting infection of bacteria, improving fruit, etc., and can be used for controlling fruit tree scab. It is usually sprayed with 400-600 times liquid.
8. The bactericidal mechanism of asimida is to inhibit the mitochondrial respiration of the bacteria cells and destroy the energy synthesis of the bacteria to cause death. It can be used to control pear scab, black spot, round rot, peach brown rot, walnut black spot, grape downy mildew, powdery mildew, coal pollution and so on. Pear black spot disease is generally sprayed with 25% aximeda 500-800 times solution.
9, polyoxygenate, also known as Bao Li'an, Dox's bacteria, polyoxomycin, pluriticmycin, polychloric acid, ketomycin, Xingnong 606 and so on. It is a broad-spectrum nucleoside agricultural antibiotic. It can be used to control pear scab, ring disease, grape black bean disease, gray mold, powdery mildew, apple spotted leaf disease, mildew disease, ring disease, and strawberry gray mold, powdery mildew and the like. For example, to control grape black bean disease, use 3% polyoxygen 600-900 times solution, once every 7 days, even spray 12 times.
10, Kejiakang is also known as mesomycin. It has high activity against bacterial diseases and some fungal diseases of crops. This pesticide can be used to control grape anthracnose, black bean disease, apple ring disease, anthracnose disease, spotted leaf disease, mold heart disease, etc., such as grape anthracnose control, can be sprayed with 3% gram bacterium 1000-1200 times in the early stage of the disease , used a total of 3-4 times.
11, root complex is also known as root rot 110. It can be used to control root rot of fruit trees, activate roots and roots, and promote root development. The transplanting period uses 2.5% root complex 800 times liquid, and the plant growth period uses 500-600 times liquid, 200-300 ml per plant. root.

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