Symptoms and control of watermelon wilt

Watermelon wilt is also known as vine disease, wilt disease, and is a devastating soil fax disease. Severe years can cause watermelon production to drop by more than 50% and even production. Especially in the rainy days in summer, pesticides should be controlled in time.
Symptoms of Fusarium wilt disease Seedlings, cotyledons, true leaves loss of water, stalks at the base of the stems are browned and smashed, and the roots are yellow-brown and rot; the lower leaves of the adult plants are dehydrated and wilting like water, especially at noon on sunny days, early and late onset. It can be recovered. If it is not timely, the leaves of the whole plant can not be restored. The vascular bundles from the base of the stem to the roots turn brown, the roots become brown and rot, and the melons die, but the leaves do not fall off.
The pathogenesis of blight is understood by the Chinese Pesticide Network . The temperature of the soil fax bacteria is 20~30°C, and the humidity of 78% or more is fast. It is cloudy for more than two days. The rainwater is heavy and heavy, the terrain is low, the drainage is poor, and the management is extensive. Insufficient base fertilizer, excessive nitrogen fertilizer, insufficient phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, and application of unfermented farmyard manure. The occurrence of watermelon wilt is directly related to the sputum. The shorter the rotation period, the heavier the disease, and the higher the rate of repeated sputum. The watermelon wilt pathogen directly invades the plant vascular bundle from the apical cells of the root hair through the natural wound of the root of the plant, causing the obstruction of the plant transduction tissue to cause wilting, and the most obvious incidence in the expansion period.
The control of the disease of Fusarium wilt is currently characterized by quick effect and good effect. In particular, when the watermelon flowering result is inflated, the root can be used before the onset of the medicament to control or alleviate the occurrence of blight. For many years of production, practical application of 58% soluble anti-virus powder 300~500 times liquid, rooting the first diseased plants, 150~200 grams of liquid per plant, second time every two days, continuous irrigation for 3 times, disease prevention The effect can reach more than 75%. For the non-infected plants, the whole field preventive treatment can be carried out in the flowering and melon period, and the 58% soluble anti-toxic powder 500 times solution is used in the initial stage of fruit expansion, 150 grams per plant; or 100-200 mg with 5% bacteria / kg gram of liquid in the slow seedling stage after transplanting; or 800-1000 times of potassium permanganate in the root of one week after planting, 7 times a day, even irrigation 3 times. Or use 50% carbendazim, 75% chlorothalonil, 50% double effect, 50% DT fungicide, etc. have a certain control effect on watermelon wilt.


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