Classification of pliers and its main functions

A pliers is a hand tool used to hold, fix, or twist, bend, or cut metal wires. The shape of the pliers is V-shaped and usually includes three parts: the handle, the jaws and the jaws.

The pliers are generally made of carbon structural steel, which is first forged and rolled into a shape of a clamp, then subjected to metal cutting such as milling, polishing, and finally heat treatment. The handle of the pliers is designed in the form of a handle, a straight handle, a curved handle and a bow handle. When the clamp is used, it is often in contact with a live conductor such as a wire. Therefore, the handle is generally provided with a protective tube made of an insulating material such as polyvinyl chloride to ensure the safety of the operator.

There are many forms of jaws, such as pointed mouths, flat mouths, flat mouths, round mouths, curved mouths, etc., which can be adapted to the needs of different shapes of workpieces. According to its main function and nature of use, pliers can be divided into clamp pliers, wire cutters, wire strippers, pipe wrenches and so on.

1) Wire cutters

Wire cutters are a type of clamp and cutting tool. The wire cutter consists of a clamp head and a pliers handle, and the clamp head includes a jaw, a tooth, a knife edge, and a jaw. The functions of the various parts of the pliers are: 1 tooth port can be used to fasten or loosen the nut; 2 knife edge can be used to cut the rubber or plastic insulation of the soft wire, and can also be used to cut the wire and wire; 3 mouth can be used Cut off hard wires such as wires and wires; 4 pliers have an insulation plastic tube with a withstand voltage of 500V or more, and it can be used to cut electric wires. In use, avoid throwing. So as not to damage the insulated plastic tube. Wire cutters commonly used by electricians are available in various sizes such as 150mm, 175mm, 200mm and 250mm.

Needle-nose pliers  

2) Long nose pliers

Needle-nose pliers, also known as burrs, are mainly used to cut single-stranded and multi-stranded wires with thinner diameters, as well as to bend the single-plier pliers wire joints, peel off plastic insulation, etc. It is also an electrician (especially One of the commonly used tools for internal electricians. It consists of a pointed end, a knife edge and a pliers handle. An electrician's needle-nosed pliers has an insulating sleeve with a rated voltage of 500V. The needle-nosed pliers have a sharper head, and the operation of using a narrow space is to use a needle-nosed pliers to bend the wire joint by first folding the wire to the left and then bending it rightward in the clockwise direction.

3) Stripping pliers

The wire stripper is one of the commonly used tools for electrician repair, electric motor repair, instrumentation and electrician. Its appearance is as shown below. It consists of a knife edge, a crimping port and a pliers handle. The stripper of the wire stripper is sleeved with an insulating sleeve with a rated working voltage of 500V. Strippers are suitable for stripping plastic, rubber insulated wires and cable cores. The method is as follows: the wire to be peeled is placed in the cutting edge of the clamp head, and the two clamp handles are pinched by hand, and then loosened, the insulation skin is disengaged from the core wire.

4) Pipe wrench

Used to tighten or loosen the bundle or tube nut on the wire tube in the same way as the adjustable wrench.  

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