The Central Plains Economic Zone re-absorbs 3018 billion in the agglomeration area

Abstract In the three days from August 26th to 28th, 104 Fortune 500 companies, 136 China's top 500 enterprises, and 10,000 merchants gathered in Zhengzhou, the hinterland of the Central Plains. The reporter from Henan Province in 2011 to undertake industry and technology transfer fair (hereinafter referred to as the conference...

In the three days from August 26th to 28th, 104 Fortune 500 companies, 136 China's top 500 enterprises, and 10,000 merchants gathered in Zhengzhou, the hinterland of the Central Plains.

The reporter learned from the 2011 Henan Province Industry and Technology Transfer Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Fair) that the total investment reached 301.8 billion yuan and 327 projects were settled in Henan.

At the fair, the “Central Plains Economic Zone” became the word repeatedly hailed by the merchants, and the “Industrial Cluster” became the biggest winner of the fair.

"Central Plains Economic Zone" became the main cause of investment success

This year's fair was fruitful.

Among them, the contracted projects include economic cooperation projects, technical cooperation projects and urban and rural construction projects. Among them, there are 246 economic cooperation projects with a total investment of 259.9 billion yuan; 71 technical cooperation projects with a total investment of 14.2 billion yuan; 10 urban and rural construction projects with a total investment of 27.7 billion yuan.

It is worth mentioning that there are 100 projects with an investment of more than 1 billion yuan, with a total investment of 261.1 billion yuan, accounting for 86.5% of the total. Major projects such as the Pearl River Delta Industrial Transfer Industrial Park project invested by Jiuyue, Hong Kong and Macau Group in Jiyuan, with a total investment of 920 million US dollars; Zhengzhou Meiming Electronic Technology Park Project invested by Beijing Minglin International Real Estate Co., Ltd. in Zhengzhou, with a total investment of 4 billion yuan, etc. .

In addition, this contract has introduced a number of strategic emerging industries such as new energy and electronic information, as well as modern service industries such as high-end commerce, modern logistics and cultural tourism. Through the introduction of these projects, it will effectively promote the optimization and upgrading of Henan's industrial structure.

For the success of the fair, Vice Minister of Commerce Jiang Yaoping believes that Henan itself has the inherent advantages of taking over the location, labor and resources of industrial transfer, and the Central Plains Economic Zone, which has risen to the national strategy, further makes this advantage. Prominent.

"On the one hand, the Central Plains Economic Zone has been incorporated into the national development strategy, with the advantages of time, place and people; on the other hand, the cost of processing trade in the east is increasing and facing a shift. Henan has seized the great opportunity to undertake the transfer. And it has achieved remarkable results. Holding a fair at this crucial time has a very realistic meaning for Henan." Jiang Yaoping said.

Henan has not only the advantages of time, place, and people. In recent years, basic conditions such as infrastructure, transportation, energy, communication, environmental protection, and urban construction in Henan have been greatly improved, and the awareness of service at all levels and departments has been greatly improved. And the environment has fundamentally improved.

Because of this, Wei Chenglong, dean of the School of Business Administration of Henan University, said that the historic opportunity of industrial transfer has arrived, and Henan’s holding of the industry and technology transfer cooperation exchange meeting is just the right time.

The gathering area is perfect for transfer

“Enterprises are not able to invest in Henan. The problems of market, cost and basic conditions are very important. In order to solve the problem of project landing, we have engaged in 180 industrial clusters.” The Henan-Guangdong Economic and Trade Cooperation Meeting was held on August 25th. Guo Gengmao, governor of Henan Province, said that these industrial clusters can solve the problem of project landing, provide land space utilization, and facilitate comprehensive management and service, which has been welcomed by many merchants.

The role of the project in the industrial gathering area of ​​Henan Province to undertake industrial transfer can also be seen.

According to Li Qingshu, director of the Henan Provincial Department of Commerce, 177 projects will be put into the development zones and industrial clusters at all levels, accounting for 54% of the total projects; the total investment is 171.4 billion yuan, accounting for 56.8% of the total.

It is understood that Henan Province has a higher goal in the development of industrial agglomeration areas: industrial clusters and industrial clusters are integrated and developed, and strive to form 30 industrial clusters of more than 5 billion yuan in the year.

For example, Foxconn, the global foundry giant, has guided the flow of wealth in the global electronic information industry chain to Henan.

According to the data, on September 16, last year, the Foxconn Science Park project entered the airport area. In less than one year, 7,000,000 square meters of Foxconn plant has been built, and 999,000 square meters of dormitory has been built. The number of employees has been about 52,500, and the total export volume has reached 1.769 billion.

All relevant enterprises in Henan are trying to better connect with Foxconn, such as Xuchang Huanghe Cyclone (17.53, -0.20, -1.13%) and Zhengzhou Sifangda and other enterprises' superhard materials, Zhengzhou High-tech Zone software technology advantages, Nanyang's optoelectronics Industry, Zhengzhou's aviation logistics, etc.

"The introduction of Foxconn, and the introduction of Foxconn's supporting equipment, and the extension of Henan's electronic information industry chain. Through investment promotion, as soon as possible to build the province's 500 billion yuan of electronic information industry cluster." Li Qingshu said.

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