Constantine's visit to China or will promote the thermal of zeolite ink industry

Abstract On June 20th, sponsored by the National Graphene Research Institute (NGI), Bluestone GlobalTech and Powerbooster Technologies are sponsored by United Nations Securities (Hong Kong) Financial Holdings Co., Ltd....
On June 20th, Bluestone Global Tech and Powerbooster Technologies sponsored by the United Kingdom National Graphene Research Institute (NGI), the “Characteristics of the 21st Century of Graphene Age” sponsored by the United Nations Securities (Hong Kong) Financial Holdings Co., Ltd. The forum will be held in Hong Kong.

According to the China Securities Journal, the forum was hosted by Sir Nobel Prize winner Physician Konstantin Novoselov. Participants will discuss graphene in plasma technology, two-dimensional materials/capacitors, semiconductor/terahertz technology. And application results in composite materials.

The National Graphene Research Institute at the University of Manchester is the world's leading research and commercialization center for graphene, providing a unique research environment for the industry and the scientific community to collaborate on the development of graphene applications. Bluestone Global Tech has mastered the large-scale fabrication of high-quality graphene and is the first to commercialize graphene, such as displays, flexible electronics and energy storage materials. Powerbooster Technologies uses graphene technology in a variety of applications, such as mobile device technology, energy production and storage, healthcare and healthcare.

On October 5, 2010, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced that the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to the University of Manchester scientists Andre Heim and Konstantin Novoselov in recognition of their research in graphene materials. Revolutionary achievements. Since then, the world has created "graphene" heat. The EU announced at the beginning of this year that graphene was selected as “the future emerging flagship technology project” and will fund 1 billion euros for research and development in the next 10 years.

Among the A-share listed companies, China Baoan, Letong, Veken Essence, Jinlu Group, Sinosteel Jitan, Fangda Carbon, AVIC Sanxin, Gorgeous Family and other related stocks are also expected to be boosted.

Loading container details for LVT SPC Flooring:

2mm: 88cartons/pallet, 20plts/20'GP 5200SQM 
2.5mm:72cartons/pallet, 20plts/20'GP 4200SQM 
3mm: 72cartons/pallet, 20plts/20'GP 3400SQM 
4.2mm: 72cartons/pallet, 20plts/20'GP 2400SQM 
5mm: 72cartons/pallet, 20plts/20'GP 2000SQM

LVT Flooring is a new type's looks like the real wood flooring.

LVT flooring is not only able to emulate wood grain appearance on the exterior, but also as a flexible PVC floor material, LVT is also attractive floor.
1. Elasticity, different from stone, tile and other hard materials, LVT imitation stone floor gives a more comfortable experience.
2. Taking care of hygiene and non-slip, LVT floor has a unique anti-slip ability, while ensuring sufficient resistance to dirt and easy to clean.
3. Anti-mildew is not insects, wear-resistant and durable, LVT floor bottom layer is a mixture of lime and PVC, good stability; surface is pure PVC wear layer, high wear resistance.

5mm LVT Flooring

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