Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheet

The reason why ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet is dare to be called the high precision of the sheet industry is of course superior to other products. The mechanical properties of the sheet product are higher than the general high density polyethylene. It has outstanding impact resistance, stress crack resistance, high temperature creep resistance, low friction coefficient, self-lubricating property, excellent chemical resistance, fatigue resistance, noise damping, and nuclear radiation resistance.

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheets are extremely wear resistant and this property is invaluable in many engineering applications. Among all plastics, the wear resistance is the best, and other plastic products are unmatched in this function.

High-precision products in the sheet industry - ultra high molecular weight polyethylene sheet

In addition, the product has extremely high impact resistance and can adapt to unimaginable low temperature conditions. This excellent low temperature property extends the application of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene to cryogenic engineering. On the other hand, the product has a low friction coefficient and good self-lubricating property, and is an ideal bearing bushing, slider and lining material.

Its various functional advantages are extremely advantageous, which makes the product widely used in the industry, and has been highly praised by many users. This is the magical effect that technology development has brought us more and more cutting-edge. More and more products, more and more perfect effects, waiting for you and me to explore.  

Crimped Wire Mesh can be also known as the iron crimped mesh, stainless steel crimped mesh and black iron crimped mesh according to different materials. It is made in a variety of materials through crimping mesh machine, a kind of universal wire products with square or rectangular openings. Our crimped Wire Mesh products are made of Galvanized Wire mesh and Stainless Steel Wire Mesh . According to loading capacity and wire used, it can be separated into heavy type and light type.
They enjoy the features of strong structure, loading capacity and keeping forms.
Crimped wire mesh products are used as fence or filter in a lot of industries. Heavy type crimped wire mesh is used in screening in mine, coal factory, construction and other industries. Light type crimped wire mesh can be used to roast for food or meat. It has the advantage of heat resistance, corrosion resistance as well as nonpoisonous, tasteless and convenient for handling.

Crimped Wire Mesh

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