Chemical valve machinery realizes remote drive

At the 3rd China Petroleum and Chemical Leak-free Pump Technology and Application Forum held recently in Xi'an, participating experts and petrochemical companies showed great interest in the valve mechanical remote drive system launched by Shanghai Rock Interlock Technology. It is reported that the valve mechanical remote drive system developed by Rock Corporation has passed the expert appraisal in mid-August, and it is a reality to operate the valve remotely within a safe distance in high-risk areas such as petrochemicals and mines.

According to Yu Guozhong, general manager of Rock Corporation, the valve mechanical remote drive system consists of an operating mechanism, a flexible drive shaft and an actuator. The key component is a ring-shaped flexible flexible shaft that transmits torque to a remote valve up to 50 meters away. It can flexibly and easily bypass obstacles or through the diaphragm, torque directly to the designated valve. Remote operation with a driving force of over 200 kg.

Through technical research, Rock has solved the problem of pitch consistency and adaptability to no less than 150 kg of tensile strength for the entire flexible shaft (including the joint). At the same time, the special anti-friction structure and anti-corrosion materials are used to ensure that the flexible shaft can withstand the torque required for the valve to open and close and be used in harsh environments. The original man-made control is changed to the safety system protection rigid control, which eliminates the man-made operation on site. The safety hazard is applicable to dangerous areas that are not easily accessible to operators, such as petrochemicals, oil fields, nuclear power, offshore platforms, mines, underground water supply systems, etc. In addition to valve control, the system can be extended to mechanical remote operation within safe distances of other equipment.

Rock has provided perfect safety interlocking equipment for Fushun Petrochemical's polyethylene and butadiene, Huajin ethylene plant and Qinhuangdao-Shenyang natural gas pipeline project of Liaohe Oilfield of PetroChina, which has been well received by users.

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