Liquid ammonia safe use management guide

Liquid ammonia is a flammable, explosive and toxic hazardous chemical. Once leaked, it can cause fire, explosion, and frostbite. In recent years, many liquid ammonia leakage accidents have occurred in China, most of which have occurred in the use of liquid ammonia, causing great losses to people's lives and property. The use of liquid ammonia must be managed to avoid accidents.

First, strengthen the knowledge management of liquid ammonia safety management. The liquid ammonia safety management knowledge training is the main content of the daily and “three-level” safety education of the enterprise. Through education and training, the cadres and workers at all levels of the enterprise are familiar with the dangerous characteristics of liquid ammonia, and master the safe production characteristics of liquid ammonia and the knowledge of prevention and control. Liquid ammonia refrigeration operators must be certified to work in accordance with relevant state regulations.

Second, do a good job in the maintenance of equipment and facilities. Strengthen the maintenance of equipment such as liquid ammonia storage tanks, cylinders, pipelines, instruments, valves and safety devices, and carry out regular maintenance to prevent disease-related operations to meet the requirements of safe production. Pressure tanks, pressure pipes, safety valves, pressure gauges, thermometers, etc., such as liquid ammonia storage tanks and cylinders, must be inspected by the quality supervision department before they can be put into operation. If it is determined that it is scrapped, it must be resolutely stopped; if it is listed as monitoring and operation, it is necessary to formulate a monitoring operation management system, reduce operating pressure, shorten inspection time, strengthen inspection, inspection and monitoring, and prevent accidents.

Third, establish and improve the safety management system for equipment and facilities maintenance. According to the "Safety Regulations for Fire Work in the Factory" (HG23011-1999), "Safety Regulations for Equipment in the Plant Area" (HG23012-1999), "Safety Regulations for Equipment Maintenance and Repair Operations in the Factory Area" (HG23018-1999), etc., develop strict equipment and equipment maintenance The safety management system and the safety operation permit system will strengthen the safety management of maintenance operations such as gas, fire and equipment. Before overhauling and overhauling operations, enterprises must formulate overhaul or overhaul work plans, strengthen safety management, and ensure safe operation.

Fourth, strict management of the opening, parking and production handover links. Formulate and improve the strict safety work system for opening, parking and production handover, and strictly implement it. Before the overhaul, especially after driving for a long time, you must do three things: First, you must formulate a strict driving plan, carefully arrange and carefully prepare the driving work to avoid rushing to drive; second, strengthen the driving before driving. Safety education. Through education, we will gather ideas and make employees immediately enter the working state. At the same time, the employees will be more familiar with and master the process, operating procedures and driving plan of the post to ensure the smooth running of the car. Third, do a good safety check before driving, before driving. Relevant personnel must be organized to inspect matters related to safety production, rectify hidden dangers or problems, and implement responsibilities, implement driving signature system to ensure safe driving.

5. Prepare for emergency rescue. Formulate a sound emergency rescue plan, set up an emergency rescue team, equip emergency rescue equipment, and conduct regular emergency rescue drills. At the same time, in the various positions of the liquid ammonia use section, the emergency response plan is formulated in a targeted manner, and the training is strengthened to enable the relevant personnel to master the operational essentials such as alarm, protection, evacuation, first aid, and on-site plugging to ensure that an accident can occur quickly. Effective disposal to minimize accident losses.
( Xu Guangliang )

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