Interpretation of the purchase of interior door sets

The interior door cover is an important part of the interior door product, and it also affects the applicable life of the interior door product! How should the interior door cover be purchased? What is the purchase method of the interior door cover?

There are currently two types of door pockets on the market: a density board, a solid wood multilayer.

MDF is made of wheat, straw, sugar cane and other materials into a powdery form. Although its flatness is better, it is more suitable for balancing layer. If it is used as a door cover, it can be used to make nails and nails. Poor, it is also prone to cracking deformation;

The solid wood multi-layer is made up of multi-layer solid wood veneers criss-crossed and criss-crossed. It has a strong nail-holding force, good stability, is not easy to crack, waterproof and moisture-proof. It is the first choice for home wooden doors.

The door cover is durable, and it is a product with strong decoration and practicality. Therefore, it is necessary to make long-term considerations from brand, material selection, process and quality assurance. If a door is not durable, it will directly affect the practical effect and service life of the interior door.

The door cover is the door frame that we usually call it. It refers to the decorative shape around the door. It bears the weight of the entire interior door and can echo the overall decoration style.

According to statistics, the complaints about interior doors are mainly on the door covers. Sometimes the door fans are still intact, but the combination of the door leaf and the door cover has been loosened, because as the number of opening of the interior door increases, the screws will Slowly loosening, the door leaf gradually sinks, causing the switch to be unsmooth, and serious will bring unnecessary trouble to your decoration. Therefore, first of all, the door cover must be nailed, and its nail holding power is strong, so that the door leaf is not easy to fall off. Secondly, the waterproofness of the door cover is very important, especially the door of the bathroom. Once the door cover is damp, its surface will be issued. Black, swell, peel, crack, and sometimes cause explosives. The door cover is directly in contact with the ground. If the material is not properly selected, the door leaf will sink and the floor will be dragged during use, causing the switch to be not tight and scraping the ground.

Once there is a problem with the door cover, it may damage your home's floor or wall during maintenance, causing unnecessary losses, so consumers should not forget to pay attention to the door cover when choosing the interior door.

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