Volvo V60 can be plugged into the trunk solar charging station

Volvo V60 can be plugged into the trunk solar charging station

In the future, EVs and hybrids may be able to "carry" their own solar charging stations, fold them up, and eject them from the car's trunk. The first solar charging station is expected to be unveiled in Rome later this year and will be part of the Volvo V60 diesel hybrid.

The Pure Tension Pavilion solar charging station has been selected as the champion of the 2013 Pure Volvo Pavilion design competition. This product is trying to subvert the standard exhibition booth, providing shelter and aesthetics. At the same time, it also serves as a source of charging.

It is a tensioned film structure that uses HDPE mesh membranes, carbon fiber skeletons, and integrated embedded photovoltaic panels that can be fully folded and inserted into the interior of the V60 car trunk when not in use.

Volvo Car Italia has already delivered this product, which is the result of the joint efforts of design studio Synthesis Design + Architecture, international engineering consulting firm Buro Happold and US Fabric Images, this product will be in 2013 9 Released in Rome, Italy.

However, this solar charging station is still an experimental work and is not completely ready for sale. (Compiled by Tao Shuhua)

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DIN EN 10270-1 Steel Wire for Mechanical Springs

GB 3206-82 Carbon Constructional Quality Steel Wire

JIS G 3521-1991 Hard Drawn Steel Wire

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YB/T 5220-93 Carbon Steel Wire For Non-Mechanical Springs

YB/T 5032-2006 Mild Steel Wire for Important Purposes.

ASTM A853-04 Standard Specification for steel wire, carbon, for General Use.

ASTM A227 Steel Wire, Cold-Drawn For Mechanical Springs


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