Nano safety shoes for the protection and application of machinery manufacturing industry

Nano-safety shoes protection products are a way for the machinery manufacturing industry to protect the interests of employees and businesses.

1. Productive dust: It mainly exists in the foundry industry. It can produce high-concentration dust in the process of sand preparation, molding, sand falling, and sand cleaning. Especially when the sand casting process is used to trim castings, the dust concentration is high. The quartz used is more harmful and can cause silicosis and caster pneumoconiosis. In the machining process, metal and mineral dust can be generated during the grinding and polishing of metal parts, causing the pneumoconiosis of the mill. When welding, the welding flux, the welding rod core and the materials to be welded evaporate at a high temperature to generate a large amount of welding dust and harmful gases. Inhalation of a higher concentration of welding dust over a long period of time can cause the welder to pneumoconiosis. Can wear dust masks, anti-corrosion safety shoes and other protective equipment.

2, high temperature, heat radiation: mainly found in casting, forging and heat treatment work, casting shop furnace, drying furnace, molten metal, hot casting, forging and heat treatment workshop heating furnace and red hot metal parts have a strong heat Radiation, forming a high temperature environment. Severe heat stroke occurs. Can wear protective gloves, high temperature safety shoes and other protective equipment.

3, harmful gases: smelting furnace and heating furnace can produce carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, the feed port concentration is often higher; using phenolic resin as a binder when producing formaldehyde and ammonia; heat treatment can produce organic solvent vapor; when plating Can produce chromic acid mist, nickel acid mist, sulfuric acid mist and cyanide cyanide; welding can produce carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides; paint can produce benzene, toluene, xylene, etc.; can cause occupational poisoning. Can wear protective clothing, corrosion-resistant safety shoes and other protective equipment.

4, noise, vibration and ultraviolet and ionizing radiation: In the process of mechanical manufacturing, the use of sand tamping machine, pneumatic tools, various forging hammers, grinding wheel, rivets, etc., can produce strong noise, vibration; welding, gas welding Ultraviolet rays generated by subarc welding and plasma welding can cause electro-optic ophthalmia if improperly protected. In the flaw detection process of the workpiece, X-rays and radioactive sources are often used to detect flaws. Failure to take proper protection can lead to radiation damage. You can wear anti-noise earplugs and other protective equipment.

5, heavy physical labor and injuries, burns in the poor degree of mechanization of enterprises, casting, sand falling, hand forging are more onerous physical labor, even if the use of pneumatic hammers or hydraulic press, due to the need to change the position and direction of the workpiece, physical strength The labor intensity is very high, and at the same time it is required to work under high temperature, which easily leads to body temperature regulation and changes in the cardiovascular system. Can wear anti-mite, anti-piercing safety shoes and other protective equipment.

Nanometer safety shoes labor insurance products are suitable for many industries, especially for the machinery manufacturing industry, the safety of the operator's life needs to enter more protection.

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