Material: Suite door

The suite door is composed of three parts: the door frame, the door cover and the door leaf. The door of the door, the inner side of the door frame and the surface of the door cover line are all packaged with the same color or different color and different decorative materials.

Suite door features:

1, using patented technology, scientific structure, waterproof and anti-mite. No warping, no cracking, no distortion, excellent internal quality.

2, the surface of the product has been used for advanced paint treatment, can achieve home decoration site non-toxic, non-polluting decoration.

3, the product is novel, unique style, natural wood simulation veneer, rich colors, smooth lines, gorgeous and elegant.

4, the product is stable and strong, impact resistance, sound insulation, flame retardant, high safety factor.

5, set the door to door frames, door covers, door pages complete production and sales. The realization of the complete set of decorative doors. It ensures the harmony and unity of flower shape, color tone and style, quick and easy product installation, and saves time and labor.

6. Use high-quality bamboo raw materials and use environmentally friendly adhesives.

Suit door selection skills

1. Quality: To ensure that the door is durable and not deformed, materials that have undergone strict drying must be used. The internal structure is reasonable and the principle of mechanical stress cancellation is adopted to ensure that the appearance is deformed under the influence of the surrounding environment and climate. Inside, good-quality suite doors should be high-quality wood, smooth surface, solid structure, beautiful appearance, and use environmentally friendly plastic and paint to meet the beauty and environmental protection of home improvement.

2, the price: due to the material, paint, labor, processing technology, corporate profits affect the price factor, so the price of the package door market is also a great disparity, from 500 yuan / set to 3,000 yuan / set, ranging from around. Nowadays, the sales market is relatively mature, and the era of profiteering has passed. There is a saying called a penny and a piece of goods, which is most appropriate in the purchase of suit doors. Because the technology content of suit door processing is not very high, competition can only be achieved. From the materials, labor, and paint work, there must be uneven quality. Therefore, the purchase of a set of doors must look for nationally recognized brands, after-sales service has absolute guarantees. The quality of package doors with higher prices is generally guaranteed. If prices are low, it is difficult to say, and it depends on how consumers determine.

3, style: The style of the door will affect the subsequent decoration effect, so much attention by consumers.

4. Service: This is a consumer's most concerned and most prone problem because many home improvement procedures can only be performed after the installation of the door pocket cover. Therefore, when selecting the suite door, it is necessary to make a good investigation of the manufacturer's comprehensive service capabilities so as to avoid the above problems, delay the renovation progress, and cause unnecessary economic losses.

Interior door famous brand:

1 Jindi (in 1986, famous brand of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang famous brand, Hangzhou Zhejiang Jindi Holding Group)

2 Stars (Top Ten Brands for Doors, Chongqing Famous Brands, Hi-tech Enterprises, Chongqing Star Package Door Co., Ltd.)

3 Xindijiamei (top ten brands of the door, the top 30 wooden doors in the country, the vice president unit of the wooden door association, Shandong Xindi Home Decoration Co., Ltd.)

4 Meng Shi (founded in 1999, the top ten branded door brands, Shanxi famous brand, Shanxi Mengshi Industrial Co., Ltd.)

5-room house (started in Qingyuan in 1989, the top 10 branded door brands, Guangdong famous brand, Qingyuan in 1989, Guangdong Zhongda Group)

6 Ivan (the top ten brands in the door, in Wenzhou in 1996, green building materials, Jiale Decorative Materials Co., Ltd.)

7 Sakura (Professional large-scale interior door design/manufacturing/sales company, top ten brand of door, Sakura Group (Hong Kong) International Co., Ltd.

8 Oupai (top ten brands of packaged doors, famous brand products of Guangdong Province, Oupai Door Industry Co., Ltd., Jiangshan City, Zhejiang Province)

9 Maxim (China Famous Brand, Chongqing Famous Brand, Top 10 Door Brands, First-line Brand, Chongqing Maxim Group Co., Ltd.

10 Panpan (China Well-known Trademark, China Top Brand, Top 10 Door Brands, Liaoning Yingkou Panpan Anju Co., Ltd.)

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