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Analysis of the use of variable speed bearings

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1. Refer to the shape and connection scale of the variable speed drive bearing.
2, variable speed drive bearings can be horizontally settled; can also be vertical or skewed to settle. Can be forward and reverse rotation. Positive and negative input and output power (ie deceleration or speed increase).
3. No matter what kind of device method is used for variable speed transmission bearing; there is a need for scale cooperation with its coupling parts.
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The cooperation between the inner ring hole d and the shaft is as H7/h6,
The cooperation between the pin hole on the middle ring and the drive is based on H7/r6.
The cooperation between the outer ring D and the housing is based on H8/h7.
The cooperation between the transmission and the hole on the output shaft is coordinated by the gap; the amount of the gap is 0. 2~0. 5mm.
4. Axial positioning of variable speed transmission bearings: one of the three turns of the ring is axially positioned; the other two axes do not need to be axially positioned.
5, the direction of the transformation, the outer ring and the inner ring are flat key positioning. The middle circle is using the drive positioning
6. The variable speed transmission bearing can accept a small external force in the radial direction; however, it is not suitable to accept a large working load.
7. Transmission ratio; both are transmission ratios according to the first device method. If other device methods are used; the transmission ratio should be calculated.
8. At the extra speed (1500 rpm); select the variable speed drive bearing type according to the required power (Kw).
9. When based on the working torque; the type should be selected accordingly.
10. The choice of the type of reducer is the same as the type of variable speed drive bearing.

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