Repair and daily maintenance of small crane shock absorbers

The small crane itself is a large-tonnage crane. Therefore, in order to reduce the vibration sensitivity of the small crane frame and body and further enhance the ride comfort of the small crane, the suspension system of small cranes is usually equipped with shock absorbers. The two-way shock absorbers are used.
However, shock absorbers are components that are used during the use of small cranes. Therefore, the quality of the shock absorbers will directly affect the stability of small cranes. Therefore, in order to make the shock absorbers have excellent operating conditions. High-quality shock absorber conditions:
First, make the small crane carry more than 10 kilometers of parking on the road with poor road conditions. After the car stops, contact the housing of the small crane shock absorber. If there is no heat, the internal resistance of the shock absorber will not work. To deal with this situation, it is necessary to add appropriate lubricants and test again. If the housing is hot, there is a shortage of oil in the shock absorbers, and it is necessary to add enough oil; otherwise, the damper of the small crane shock absorber will fail.
The second is to press the bumper of the small crane, and then release. If the small crane has a slight jump, then the small crane has a good shock absorption effect. When the small crane is running slowly and emergency braking, if the small crane oscillates, then the damper will have no problem.
In addition, the shock absorber of the small crane removed is vertical, and the lower end is connected to the ring clamp vise, pull the pressure lever several times, because the stable resistance, pull resistance should be greater than the downward pressure resistance, such as resistance is not stable Or non-resistance, internal shock absorbers can be lack of oil or valve damage, should repair or replace parts.
If the miniature crane shock absorber does not show a leak, look at the damper coupling pin, the engagement lever engagement hole, and the rubber bushing is not damaged or dropped. If it is normal, the shock absorber should be further examined. The distance between the piston and the cylinder is too large. If the cylinder is damaged, the valve is sealed tightly and tightly engaged with the valve seat, and the tension of the damping spring is too soft or broken. Corrective measures to grind or replace parts.

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