Sanitary partition material analysis Sanitary partition material renderings

In the modern bathroom decoration, the wet and dry separation is more and more appreciated by everyone, and the separation of wet and dry toilet decoration is particularly important for the selection of toilet partition materials . The following is a small series to look at the toilet partition material analysis and toilet partition material renderings for your reference.

Artificial partitions for sanitary partition materials

The partition board material is mainly made of phenolic resin, and is a moisture-proof, crash-resistant, anti-fouling, and easy-to-clean partition board material. It adopts a formed integral board without edge joints, and the overall appearance is beautiful and generous. . This man-made board cuts off the high cost, but is durable, suitable for wet, dry, high temperature, fire and other harsh environments.

Natural partition of toilet partition material

This separator material is mainly made of natural stone, and it is a solid structure, and this material is easy to stain the partition material of pan-base yellowing. Adopt one-piece molding, no need to close the edge, the door leaf needs other materials to match, the appearance is good, the overall is slightly poor; the cost is high, the service life is long, the maintenance is not easy, and it is often used in environments with high requirements for moisture and fire protection.

Composite partitions for toilet partition materials

This partition board is light in texture, easy to be affected by the environment, has joints, and seams are vulnerable to erosion by water vapor and swell and erode. Edges are treated with aluminum or stainless steel edging and are easily deformed and oxidized. Low cost, poor durability, quick maintenance and elimination, suitable for relatively dry, room temperature and non-fireproof environments.

Plastic partition for toilet partition material

This partition is made of plastic material, is a waterproof, but not high temperature, not scratch resistant, easy deformation and pollution of the material, the use of plastic or aluminum edge joints, and the seam vulnerable to water erosion There is no overall sense and there is less color choice. The cost of this separator is low, the maintenance cost is low, and it is eliminated very quickly. It is suitable for relatively dry, room temperature and non-fireproof environments.

Toilet partition brick wall

Brick wall, non-load-bearing wall made of ordinary clay brick, hollow brick, aerated concrete block, glass brick and other blocks. It is also used in sanitary partitions. The cost of brick partitions is low, and many friends can accept them. The effect of brick partitions looks very spacious, and the effect of red bricks gives you exposure to the bathroom. As if in close contact with nature. It is also good to use this material for toilet partitions. However, there is a high demand for the treatment of the waterproof layer.

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Toilet partition material

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