Do you really know about custom furniture?

The first thing to confirm is that not all furniture can be customized. Custom furniture is mainly for solving some users who have difficulty in space utilization, are more privatized for storage needs, and have different sizes and standard fixed sizes. Those are not sensitive to spatial scale. It is better to buy a finished product without the demand, the size of the furniture meets the fixed specifications. Customized furniture should also be clear. Customization is not equal to random. It is not how the owner thinks about how to do it. The current customization generally means that the user can freely choose materials, colors, lines, adjustment lines, planning space, and decoration in the inherent process. , hardware, etc., if the user has their own design of the new style and meet the production conditions.

In general, users are advised to decide on the choice of custom furniture after most of the renovations are completed. Some users often start to customize the product after the hard work is completed in order to speed up the process. However, the overall style of the decoration is actually selected for the furniture. Very important, so it is best to complete the basic overall decoration before customizing the furniture.

Many users choose custom parameters through exhibition halls or 3D display. However, the display effect and actual effect of the exhibition hall are still very different. The house has no restrictions on layout, interval and height, which leads to the gap in effect. Actually, It is not necessary to force the effect of the exhibition hall during construction, and the most important thing is to suit your own house.

In the process of communicating with the designer, not only to identify their own aesthetic orientation, space design needs, but also to exchange their own habits, family members' habits, such as action habits will determine how to open the grid The furniture used for the elderly should be reduced to bow down, and the taller users should design the cabinets to be higher than the basic standards.

Users of custom furniture should have such a sense, respect the professionalism of the manufacturer, but also pay attention to the problems of supervision and construction docking, follow up communication to make adjustments at any time.

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