Three taboos and three major feng shui

The jealousy of entering the door feng shui is something that many owners are confused when they live in the house. What can be seen in the entry, what is not seen, Xiaobian said that this is a matter of family entrance.

Three taboos and three major feng shui

First, there should be three ways to get started.

1. Open the door and see the red, also open the door to see the joy, that is, when you open the door, you will see the red walls or decorations. When you enter the house, you will have a feeling of joy, giving you a warm feeling of warmth and a good mood.

2, open the door to see the green, that is, open the door to see the green plants, full of fun, but also the effect of eyesight.

3, open the door to see the painting, if you open the door you can see an elegant piece or picture, one can reflect the cultivation of the home, and the second can ease the sense of rush after entering the door.

Second, there should be three introductory

1, open the door to see the stove, "Yangzhai integration" cloud: "open the door to see the stove, money and more consumption." That is to say, when you get to the stove, you will be angry and you will not be able to enter.

2, open the door to see the toilet, as soon as you enter the door to see the toilet, it is like a sigh of welcoming people, here is a "scorpion to Chu" allusions: in the Spring and Autumn Period, Qi Guofu Fu Pingzhong was ordered to make Chu, Chu Wang bully him short Deliberately teasing him, ordered him not to pass through the tall gates, and dug a dog hole next to the gate to let him enter. As a result, the witty scorpion said: "If I visit the country." Please let me go through the hole; if I am visiting the dog country, then I will walk the dog hole." It is very embarrassing to make the king of Chu.

3, open the door to see the mirror, the mirror will reflect the gas out, if it is not the door directly against the smashing or dirty things, etc., it is not appropriate to face the door. The water next to the door can be used to mobilize the function of the door. It can help the family and make money. The position of the door can be said to be the lifeblood of the fortune. The simplest way to collect money is to pour water by the door. The owner Ding Shui is the main wealth, and the place where there is water can play the role of wealth. In addition to water, all water plants and flower arrangements have a role in stimulating money, as long as they are placed near the gate.

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Label: Three taboos and three major feng shui

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