Why aluminum alloy sliding doors are sought after by the market

[China Aluminum Network] As the partition decoration market is hot, compartment aluminum doors have been fortunate enough to get the cake of this market. The aluminum door in the compartment is actually an aluminum alloy sliding door, but it is only used in the decoration of the high compartment environment. Then the question is, where is the advantage of aluminum alloy door? Compared to other materials, why can it become the darling of the market?


Aluminum door features:

1.Light weight, high strength: The material of aluminum alloy is mostly hollow core thin-walled composite section, easy to use, light weight, and the top ten brands of doors and windows Fuxing doors and windows aluminum alloy door section has a high bending strength, made Aluminum sliding door is durable and deformed.

2. The sealing performance is good: the aluminum alloy itself is easy to be extruded, the cross-sectional dimension of the profile is accurate, and the processing accuracy is high. The sealing strip fixing groove, which has been completed along with the section in the extrusion molding process, creates favorable conditions for the installation of the sealing material, and the fit of the installation is also very high, so that the entire sealing effect is very good.

3. Beautiful appearance: After treated on the surface of aluminum alloy, it can show different colors such as copper, golden, silver, etc. in the ancient lead liver. The choice of space is large and it is bright and shiny after oxidation.

4. Strong corrosion resistance: The aluminum oxide layer does not fade, does not fall off, does not require painting, and is easy to maintain.

Compared with steel doors, aluminum alloy doors have the following advantages:

(1) Light weight and high strength. Density is only 1/3 of steel

(2) Good sealing performance. Sealing performance directly affects the function and quality of use of the door. Sealing properties include air tightness, watertightness, thermal insulation, and sound insulation, and also have a certain degree of fire resistance.

(3) Good durability. The aluminum alloy door is not rusted, does not fade, does not fall off, almost no maintenance, even if it needs to be repaired is also very convenient, the parts have a very long service life, and overall reduce the cost of decoration.

(4) Elegant decorative effect.

Product Description
•Material: 100% virgin PTFE, no recycle.
•Certificate: ISO9001,MSDS,RoHs,REACH,FDA,Certificate of Origin.
•Own best performance,can be filled other material such as Bronze,Fiber glass,Carbon,Graphite and so on.
•Length could be made on the basis of customer's requirement.
•Payment item: T/T,L/C,DP or others.
•Price item: FOB,CIF,CFR and so on.
•Delivery time: As your request,usually within 7 days.
8. Free samples can be offered as your requirements.
Diameter(mm) Dia. Tolerance(mm) Length(mm) Length Tolerance(mm)
4~9 +0.48~0.58 1000/2000 +10.0
10~50 +1.1~1.6 1000/2000
55~200 +2.0~5.0 1000/2000
    4ft,or as request
Item Unit Value
Gravity g/cm3 2.10-2.30
Tensile Strength MPa more than 14
Elongation Break % more than 140


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