2017 Aurora Night - Shenzhen Home Design Week Gorgeous Dinner

N the evening of March 19, 2017 in Shenzhen Home Design Week and the 32nd Shenzhen International Furniture Exhibition joint "Shenzhen Furniture" company held a "Aurora Night" as the theme of high-end dinner, to symphonic, fashion shows, opera, Shenzhen furniture brand Pioneer display and other forms, injecting fashion trends into the furniture industry.

The beauty of the aurora is magnificent and shocking. Just like the brand-name diamonds of Shenzhen Furniture, it shines with dazzling brilliance. This night, let Shenzhen design, innovation and quality in front of the world, luxury enjoy the most beautiful feast of Shenzhen furniture.


First, enjoy the high-end gorgeous feast of fashion night

Shenzhen is the “city of design” and “the city of fashion and creativity”. The fashion power of this city in Shenzhen shines on this night. It is a cross-border feast of traditional industry and top fashion, creative design and elegant art. This is a fashion award, not only the wonderful bloom of the Shenzhen furniture brand pioneer, but also a feast of vision and hearing.


Second, the night of honor, Shenzhen furniture quality and the world's peers

Shenzhen will always be in sync with the world. As a Shenzhen furniture that was born in Shenzhen and has become a national leader, it has been constantly striving to challenge and surpass itself. This night is the honor night of Shenzhen Furniture. At the most beautiful dinner scene, the design, innovation and quality of Shenzhen furniture will be presented to the guests at the scene.


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