How to identify the authenticity of bio-organic fertilizer

Bio-organic fertilizer is high-temperature decomposed, with high nutrient content, rich in beneficial bacteria, high utilization rate and good effect, which is favored by growers. However, due to its high selling price, some lawless elements are driven by interests, making and selling fake and inferior products, which harms the interests of legitimate legal enterprises and farmers. The effective living bacteria of bio-organic fertilizer can not be seen and touched. From the appearance of the product, it is no different from ordinary organic fertilizer. How to identify the authenticity?
Judging from the outer packaging
First, check whether there is a microbial fertilizer registration certificate issued by the Ministry of Agriculture on the packaging. Since bio-organic fertilizer is a fertilizer with special functions, the product registration is carried out at the microbial fertilizer registration center of the Ministry of Agriculture, and the fertilizer registration certificate is issued by the Ministry of Agriculture. Unlike compound fertilizers and common organic fertilizers, fertilizer registration is carried out in the soil and fertilizer stations of the agricultural departments of the provinces, and provincial fertilizer registration certificates are issued. The registration method of the license number is “microbial fertilizer (registration year) Pro word (number) number” or “microbial fertilizer (registration year) quasi-word (number) number”.

The second is to check whether the number of valid viable bacteria is marked on the package. If not, it is a fake and shoddy product.

The third is to check whether the product is marked with the product production date and expiration date. Because the special functional bacteria in bio-organic fertilizers are live and animate, as the storage time of the products is prolonged, the number of effective viable bacteria of special functional strains will continue to decrease, so the product validity period is too long to be Be responsible for.

The fourth is to see if there is a “NY884-2012 bio-organic fertilizer” standard on the packaging. Bio-organic fertilizers and common organic fertilizers have different product implementation standards, the former being NY884-2012 (instead of the previous NY884-2004) and the latter being NY525-2012 (instead of the previous NY525-2002).

Fifth, you can go to the relevant website of the Plantation Management Department of the Ministry of Agriculture for inquiries.

For dealers, you can also check the authenticity of bio-organic fertilizer from the product inspection report. The first is to check whether the product name, inspection basis, technical indicators, etc. of the batch product inspection report are consistent with the packaging label. Be sure to check the “supervision inspection” report instead of the “commission inspection” or the inspection report issued by the manufacturer itself.

See if the product is even
The key role of bio-organic fertilizers is achieved by microbial strains with special functions. If the water content of the product is too high or too low, it is not conducive to the survival of the strains. Therefore, it is relatively straightforward to judge from the water content. Grab a handful of fertilizer and observe the material in the sun, and throw it up to see if it is dusty. The fertilizer is moist and lumpy, or the dry and gray is a substandard product.

The carrier added to the bio-organic fertilizer should be a "package" composed of a variety of organic nutrients. Since it is a combination of various raw materials, it should be able to see traces of various raw materials when observed under light. The ingredients of the general product contain plant straw (such as corn cob, soybean meal, etc.), and the actual ingredients of the raw materials can be seen carefully, and some of the raw materials have a special odor.

See if the product is valid
The key role of bio-organic fertilizers is achieved through microbial strains with special functions. If these products do not have these special-purpose microbial strains or their content is not high and their ability is not strong, the application effect can be imagined. The author has designed a simple identification method based on the experience of the laboratory:

In the first step, take a small amount of product and add a little tap water to make a dough. Put it in the refrigerator and form ice cubes. Then disintegrate in the sun the next day. After at least three repeated freeze-thaw cycles, the bacteria in the fertilizer will be frozen. Death (cell icing, formation of ice needles to puncture cells), the number will be greatly reduced, the role played by the bacteria is basically eliminated.

In the second step, the original product and the two fertilizers and feces that have been repeatedly frozen and thawed are in the same field or small pots, and the difference between the two is periodically observed. If the difference is not obvious, it indicates that the bio-organic fertilizer product is The ability of "special functional strains" is not strong or not enough, or even not.

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