Seen from the Landslide in Lishui City about the Difficulties in Dealing with the Accidents of Mudslides

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At 17:28 on September 28, 2016, Suichang Lishui City, Zhejiang Province, the northern boundary of the town of Su Village, a major area of landslides, resulting in 49 houses were buried in the red, 28 thousand people lost contact . After receiving the alert, the Lishui Fire Brigade sent seven large squadrons, 18 fire engines, and 9 2 officers to the scene. Zhejiang province Corps Command Center launch of major natural disaster emergency response plans immediately deployed five Detachment 60 fire engines, three unmanned aerial vehicles, five rescue dogs reinforcements. After struggling to rescue 28 days and nights, a total of four people to rescue stranded people, searching people killed 26 people.

The natural disaster caused a huge loss to the people's life and property safety in Lishui City. However, the fighting style demonstrated by the fire brigade in the rescue is "the call to come, the battle to come, and the battle to win", especially the "Four Ones" left a deep impression on the leaders at all levels and the people. It is the first rescue force to reach the scene of the disaster, the only rescue team that rescues survivors, a unique professional soldier who has unique skills, and is a people team that does everything possible to search and save the people. As the frontline commander of the rescue, the author conducted in-depth analysis and discussion on the characteristics, difficulties and future countermeasures of the rescue accident.

First, the characteristics of the disaster

The debris flow disaster caused by this landslide was an unprecedented accident since the founding of the country in Lishui City, Zhejiang Province. It is also the rescue disaster squad in Lishui City since the founding of the People’s Republic of China with the largest difficulty, largest scale of operations, longest combat time, and maximum combat strength. action.

( I) Sudden attack, heavy casualties, and difficulty in rescue

At the time of the disaster, all of them were rural rest periods. A large number of villagers were at home. Before the collapse of the mountains, township officials were also evacuating the masses. But some villagers eager love at home, Not enough attention for landslide disaster harm, resulting in about 83 million cubic meters of stonework from the steep slopes of 40 pouring elevation of 0 meters down, burying 49 houses destroyed, resulting in 28 People are killed. Coupled with the heavy rainfall on the day, the relief site has a wide gap, the road twists and turns, heavy rescue machinery can not advance in the early stage, and rescue equipment is difficult to carry.

( B) The environment is complex, the road is far from narrow, and the combat time is long

As the landslide area is large and steep and soft, and there is a loose slope near one 12 thousand cubic meters, there is a danger that once again there will be a large area of ​​landslides, which directly threatens the personal safety of the rescue workers on site. Coupled with 25 meters of lake reserves formed up to 120 a million cubic meters, can easily cause the overall collapse weir dam operation area, a serious threat to the scene rescue workers and social safety of the masses. The accident site is far away from the county town and about 16 kilometers away from the high-speed road. The road is winding and has a width of only 8 meters . The large-scale mechanical vehicles cannot cross the road. There are many kinds of rescue forces, and it is difficult to command and coordinate. The rescue operation takes a long time.

( III) Huge influence, social concern and high comprehensive requirements

The accident occurred at the frontline of reform and opening up. It was highly valued by the leaders of the party and the country. The media at home and abroad are highly concerned. Live coverage is reported using aerial photography, connection, and visits. The scientific and effective rescue has received great attention. . High demands have been made on various aspects such as coordination and command of the firefighting forces, field operations, disciplinary practices, warfare security, political agitation, and news propaganda.

Second, problems and directions

( I) Emergency rescue command system needs to be improved

The social forces and resources that need to be mobilized like “ 9·28 ” are beyond imagination. Due to the lack of a comprehensive emergency rescue command platform, in the rescue process, the multi-aid rescue forces participating in the war have different organizational affiliations due to differences in their leadership systems. In the course of the operation, there are not enough organizational disciplinary and disciplinary constraints. The pattern of individual battles exists to a certain extent, and coordination is difficult, which affects the effective performance of emergency rescue efforts . In the next step, it is suggested that the municipal government take the lead to further improve the disaster accident rescue command system, fully integrate various resources, and achieve efficient command and rapid operation.

( II) The foundation of emergency rescue plan needs to be consolidated

There are a large number of existing types of emergency rescue plans, but "there are more than sufficient quantities and the quality is insufficient." The plan system is incomplete, the content is unscientific, the department's plan is divided, the level of information sharing is low, and the operation is not strong. Firefighting forces have failed to establish relevant rescue plans for such risk points as the geological hazards in the village of Su Village, and they have not established information sharing mechanisms with relevant departments, leaving a blank space for relevant information, so that the situation could not be cleared at the initial stage of rescue. Ming, has affected the progress of rescue operations. In the next step, it is recommended that the municipal government establish a sound information sharing mechanism to improve the rescue plan to ensure that the plan is scientific and operational; training bases need to vigorously promote “simulation training facility construction projects” and build sophisticated mountain rescue facilities. Strengthen rescue training for disasters such as the officers and soldiers and mountain rescue, and enhance the ability of the city's fire-fighting forces to rescue and rescue disasters.

( III) Warfare support ability needs to be improved

The city combat service support construction in its infancy, more limited personnel and equipment, combat service support capability is very limited, but the face of the province's 308 troops Ming war

The protection of officers and soldiers for food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and operations (vehicles, fuels, combat equipment, and equipment) in the past January was very difficult to secure at the initial stage, and the security was very difficult. It was not like the system of transportation and hydropower. First, there is a phenomenon of heavy firefighting and light rescue in combat reserves. The current reserve of combat protection equipment is mainly based on fire-fighting equipment, but there are few backups for rescue equipment. The second is the fact that there is a phenomenon of heavy equipment and light materials in the warfighting and protection reserve. Mainly to reserve all kinds of fire-fighting and rescue equipment and equipment, mainly for the protection of officers and soldiers to perform the task of loading and living material stock is very small. In the next step, the detachment will conscientiously sum up the experiences and lessons of the two rescue efforts, and strive to strengthen the construction of the war security system from the aspects of staffing, equipment and equipment, and material reserves, and establish and improve the war-security mechanism that meets the needs of the sudden emergency rescue operations within the jurisdiction.

Third, experience and inspiration

( I) Dare to shine swords to highlight the status of rescue and relief

The rescue operation lasted for 28 days. It was the rescue operation with the longest time for the firefighting force in recent years and the most complex task for combat support. Fire forces continue to carry forward the 2015 "1 1.1 3" Dongshan landslide rescue "the courage Sword" spirit, the first time deployed effectively enough strength to attend the war, a clear team, squad, as well as the entire organizational team The staff of the full-time division headquarters divided the work and carried the equipment standards, established and perfected the modular operations such as combat command, battlefield security, political work propaganda, communication guarantee, and comprehensive coordination, and effectively achieved fixed, fixed, fixed, and positioning tasks, and efficient rescue missions. operation; the first time the fire brigade arrived at the scene, among the first rescue, the first time to save lives, whether it is pre-rescue operations, safety or integrity analysis later judged search, on-site disposal of the victims, have demonstrated superb and fire brigade Detailed rescue and rescue capabilities.

( b) Government-led and closely united the rescue forces

The landslide accident rescue long span of time, the power of war and more (6 troops, more than 1 0 of civil rescue forces, a total of more than 4000 people), to coordinate the rescue difficult. In the initial stage of the rescue, with the strong leadership and support of the government, the fire brigade played the role of the main force of rescue; in the latter stage of the search for the victims, the fire brigade took the initiative to change the role from the main battle to the coordinated search, ensuring that the search work was normal and orderly in the later period. .

( III) Information Support for Scientific and Technological Operations and Modern Technology Support

In response to the long-term and long-lasting needs of on-site rescue, the Communication Security Group established the communication network architecture at the first time, and started the China Telecom satellite communication system, 4G. The image transmission system is set up to dispatch and direct the cable network. In real time, the command center of the corps will be regarded as the 鹆 ǎ ? ? ? 趾 鹿 鹿 鹿 椭 椭 椭 椭 椭 椭 椭 椭 椭 椭 (6) ≌ 敝 敝 又 又 又 . . . . . . . . . . Aiming for white maggots, rich, and well-behaved models? 畲笙薅 畲笙薅 迪 迪 枷褡 枷褡 枷褡 垂 垂 恚 斓 斓 斓 斓 斓 span span span/span>

( IV) Closer protection and good logistic support for local conditions

In the village of Su, a village-run enterprise and a farmer's residence camp were rented to effectively ensure the rotation of all officers and soldiers. According to the geographical situation of the rescue scene, as appropriate, the coordination of the deployment of camping vehicles or field tents, seeking the best camping protection measures. The first time, field emergency kits, portable multi-function shovels and other rescue tools were assembled to upgrade the individual outdoor rescue equipment. Strengthen the modularization of combat support, integrate the officers and soldiers into the “clothing, food, housing, transportation, and use” sub-blocks in the rescue, insist on emergency rescue materials and equipment and rescue forces simultaneously to enhance the rescue and combat support at this level and the unit “ Modular "level.

The information in this article comes from the Internet and was reorganized and edited by China Rescue Equipment Network.

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