What does the interior furniture include? How to arrange indoor furniture

The renovation of new homes is a new round of challenges. If we want to successfully complete this "test", we need to do the "homework" in advance. Maybe everyone listens to the confusion and doesn't understand what I am talking about. Tell everyone to look at the furniture that needs to be purchased, list a list, and then just pick it up. The following small series will first introduce you to what the interior furniture includes.


First, what is included in the interior furniture?

1. According to the material classification: solid wood furniture, panel furniture, soft furniture, metal furniture, etc.;

2, according to the function classification: table, chair, cabinet, several, etc.;

3, according to user classification: office furniture, civilian furniture, public furniture, etc.;

4, according to space classification: indoor furniture, outdoor furniture, etc.;

5, according to the design style classification: modern furniture, classical furniture, modern classical furniture.

Second, how to arrange indoor furniture

1. Small furniture puts small space, large furniture and large space: usually small furniture or low-grade furniture, suitable for small area or low ceiling space, can reduce the pressure of indoors due to insufficient ceiling height or narrow space. It is best to place larger furniture in a large area, because a small home may not be noticed as if it were swallowed by indoor space. The space is large, and of course the number of furniture that can be put in is relatively large, but sometimes only a single and design furniture will create a quite different feeling.

2. Symmetrical arranging: Take the table and chair as an example, put one on each side of the table, and put two on each side, and all of them are arranged with symmetrical distance and position. Naturally, you can feel the rhythm full of symmetry. sense. Think of the space as a large table, and then put the furniture into it in order. "Symmetry" is the easiest way to express the "orderly sense". Grasp this principle and not be afraid of space chaos.

3, the proportion of adjacent furniture must be close: furniture placed side by side or adjacent to each other, the size and proportion of each other can not be too disparate, otherwise it will make the space look very uncoordinated. If you have a small and exquisite dining table, don't put too big or heavy furniture next to it; don't lay a tablecloth that is too complicated or too big, too thick, and you can't hang it on the table. Also have a big chandelier.


Third, how to choose the right interior furniture

1, type and quantity

The number of indoor appliances should be determined according to the size of the room. The pursuit of quantity will only make the living room congested and messy, and it will become a burden of life. For example, in a small room such as a bedroom living room, furniture There are not many types and quantities, and there should be more activity areas under the premise of meeting the needs of life.

2, style

Nowadays, with the continuous upgrading of people's aesthetics, the style of the appliance has become more colorful, and at the same time, more attention is paid to the comfortable, lightweight and multifunctional modular furniture. For example, put a cabinet in the living room and put the TV on it. And put a set of sofa chairs around it to achieve a comfortable and practical effect.

3, the volume of weight

When choosing a tool, you should not only look at its own specifications, but also think about the feeling it builds. For example, in a small room, if you use too large furniture, it will make the space feel crowded and lack of maneuver. There is room for it, so the furniture chosen must be suitable.

Now that everyone in the interior furniture is clear, what we need to do is to list the items, and then go to the major furniture stores to buy high-quality furniture. The above methods are also taught to you. I believe you are finished. There is nothing wrong with this task. For more exciting home improvement information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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