The birth of a tiny tooth sensor can automatically detect the eating condition.

Technology Dynamics Wireless sensors are everywhere and they provide us with all kinds of information at all times. Now scientists have developed a miniature patch sensor specifically for our teeth. The sensor measures 2mm x 2mm and consists of a polymer film that can be used to detect the external environment.
It communicates what is being chewed in our mouths or our oral status information to digital devices (such as smartphones) that detect multiple compound types such as salt or ethanol.
The frequency spectrum and intensity of the RF waves transmitted by the sensor represent various kinds of specific information. It uses the RF signal in the environment as an energy source, so it does not need a power supply.
Researchers tested their inventions in a variety of situations. Whether they were drinking alcohol, mouthwash or soup, the sensor could also analyze the nutritional status of the subject's diet and researchers could See the relevant information in the report sent out by the sensor.
This device can help healthcare and clinical researchers find the connection between dietary intake and health, and in the long run, this device can show how diet gradually affects our body.

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