Coating film waterproof construction method coating film waterproofing precautions

Waterproofing is an important part of our decoration, and there are many waterproof materials. Many people don't know how to buy them. And many people with waterproof materials don't know how to use them. How much do you know about the waterproof construction of the film? Today, Xiaobian will take a look at the waterproof construction method of the film and the waterproof construction precautions of the film! I hope you can help you with waterproofing.


Coating film waterproof construction method:

1. The pile head is scrubbed with a wire brush to remove harmful impurities from the surface. There must be no pores, floating sand, dust, etc. on the surface. If there is void, it will be filled with cement mortar, and it can be applied after being smoothed.

2. Clean the debris and mortar block on the surface of the base layer and wipe it once with a dry cloth. After the base layer has no defects such as unevenness, cracking, and sanding, the next process is carried out.

3. Keep the concrete dry and repair the loose parts in time. After drying and curing, apply the layer by layer according to the waterproof layer construction process.

4, according to the mix ratio of 10:7 construction mix; stir 3-5min, fully mixed and ready to use. The used materials are used up within 2 hours, and the time is not too long.

5. Use a special brush or a brush to apply a brush. When applying the film, the force should be even. After the first painting is completed, check whether it is flat, with or without air holes or air bubbles. If there is any mixture, press the air holes and gaps, and then reapply the film once.

6. After the first coating film is cured, the second film can be evenly applied thereon; the direction of the coating is perpendicular to the direction of the first coating. (A second coat can be applied after the first film is dried)

7. Waterproof paint is applied, and the control per square meter is about 1.5kg.

8. Apply 40 thick fine stone concrete protective layer after the last coating film is dried.


Coating film waterproof construction precautions:

1. In the process of operation of the film waterproof layer, the operator should wear flat shoes, and must not contaminate other parts of the wall, floor, doors and windows, heating pipes, sanitary appliances, etc.

2. After the construction of each layer of the film waterproof layer, it must be protected. No debris should be piled up on it. There should be a prominent prohibition sign at the door of the Kitchen and bathroom. No one should enter it to avoid damage to the waterproof layer.

3, floor drain or drain before the waterproof construction, should take protective measures to prevent debris in the construction process, to ensure that the drainage is smooth, qualified water storage, clean the floor drain.

4. When the waterproof protective layer is constructed, the mortar should not be stirred on the waterproof layer. When the mortar is laid, the iron shovel should not touch the waterproof layer to avoid damage to the waterproof layer.

5, need to choose the waterproof coating produced by regular manufacturers to ensure its waterproof effect.

Waterproofing is the most important issue during the renovation, so we should do it well when we decorate it! The above is the waterproofing construction method of the coating film and the waterproof construction of the coating film introduced by everyone today. For more information, stay tuned to the Renovation Home.

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