Ordinary scratching white has formaldehyde? Formaldehyde detection method

Nowadays people pay more attention to health, especially if there is a lot of doubt about whether there is formaldehyde in the decoration of the house. So many people will not live in the house after the decoration, and once they have lived, some people Will also buy some flowers to absorb formaldehyde, then ordinary scraping white with formaldehyde? What are the detection methods of formaldehyde? The following small series of decoration home network to introduce to you.


First, the ordinary scratching white has formaldehyde?

1. The harmful substances in the wall materials are not too much unless the quality of the materials you buy is too bad. Dabai is the main component of wall putty. It is not toxic. The harmful substances are mainly used to prepare putty. But now there is no formaldehyde glue. The same is true for latex paint. The key to quality is that the materials can't be bought. Too bad.

2. Dabai is the main component of wall putty. Without formaldehyde, it will not produce toxicity. The harmful substances are mainly the glue used to prepare putty, but now there is no formaldehyde glue. The same is true for latex paint. The key is that the materials bought can't be too bad.

3. Scratch white is the putty, you need to pay attention to the flatness of the hanging, and full scraping. After shaving, it is polished, and after polishing, the latex paint is applied. There may be formaldehyde release in the building glue used for whitening, especially like 107, 801 glue, the formaldehyde content is not low.


Second, the detection method of formaldehyde

1. Spectrophotometry may not be heard by many people. This method is a method for detecting formaldehyde in living room, textiles and food, and a method for detecting formaldehyde by using selective absorption of electromagnetic radiation by substances of different molecular structures. It has a total of these methods: magenta-sulfuric acid, chromotropic acid method, phloroglucinol method, catalytic spectrophotometry, acetylacetone method, phenol reagent method, AHMT method and so on.

2. Nowadays, there is a formaldehyde detection box that is very simple to use and the effect is good. Before the test, the door and window should be sealed first, then the absorbent in the formaldehyde test box should be poured out, then the absorption box cover should be covered, and the absorption box should be gently shaken. After the absorbent is completely dissolved, the absorption cover is opened and placed at home. The height of the place is generally half a person high. After a while, you can compare them with a color card and use the display to determine the formaldehyde contamination.

3. Some professional companies usually use sensor detection methods. There are several types of sensors used to test formaldehyde, including electrochemical sensors, photobiochemical sensors, and optical sensors. The structure of the electrochemical sensor is relatively simple, the cost is low, the performance is relatively stable, and the measurement range and resolution can basically meet the requirements of detection.

The decoration of the house is generally used in white, but there are many people who are very concerned about the presence or absence of formaldehyde in the white, so what are the common methods of detecting formaldehyde and formaldehyde? I also know about it, if you still want to know more about decoration, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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