What is the working principle of the sliding bearing?

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What is the working principle of the sliding bearing?

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According to the working principle of the bearing can be divided: rolling friction bearing (rolling bearing) and sliding friction bearing (sliding bearing).
Sliding bearing: If the outer surface of the sliding bearing can form a smooth film to separate the outer side of the moving pair; the sliding friction force can be greatly reduced; because the outer surface of the moving pair is not directly touched; thus the wear is avoided. The bearing capacity of the sliding bearing can be large; High; smooth film has an impact resistance; thus; has been widely used in engineering.
The composition of the smooth film is the basic condition for the normal operation of the sliding bearing; the elements affecting the smooth film have a smooth method, the relative motion speed of the motion pair, the physical properties of the smoothing agent, and the roughness of the outer surface of the moving pair. The drawing of the sliding bearing should be based on Bearing operating conditions; determine the type of bearing layout, select smoothing agent and smooth method and determine the parameters of the bearing.
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