How to do a big terrace decoration how to do a good work on the waterproof work of the terrace

From tomorrow onwards, the work will save money, and the down payment will buy the house; from tomorrow on, care about the price of the property market; I have a large terrace, facing the sunshine and spring. For this reason, I learned about the knowledge of the large terrace decoration , if innocently realized?

Terrace balcony silly

Many people can't tell the terrace and balcony. Please see the definition:

The terrace generally refers to a roof terrace in a house or a large balcony in other floors due to the needs of the building structure or the improvement of indoor and outdoor space combinations. Since it is generally large in area and there is no roof on the top, it is called a terrace.

Balconies generally refer to spaces where there are permanent roofs, enclosing structures, countertops, connections to houses, activities that can be used and utilized, and occupants' activities for outdoor activities, drying clothes, etc. According to its closed condition, it is divided into non-closed balcony and closed balcony; according to its relationship with the main wall, it is divided into concave balcony and convex balcony; according to its spatial position, it is divided into bottom balcony and picking balcony.

What differences can we find in the definition of terraces and balconies?

●The terrace area is generally larger than the balcony

●There is no cover on the terrace

This is easy to distinguish!

Let’s take a look at a few large terrace renovation cases

● Cozy little garden


What's more enjoyable than having a spacious balcony, rough and clumsy wooden bar across half the top, echoing the long wooden floors and rough wooden benches on the ground, and stacking a dozen pots of brightly colored flowers and plants. A fancy desk and chair with small legs was thrown away, and a lovely and pleasant garden was built.

● Drink and eat melon to see the stars


An old box is used as wooden storage on the wooden wall board. One or two plastic chairs are placed on the ancient wooden floor. If you do not want to be so monotonous, you must put a few more pots of green plants to create a feeling of hospitality. A great place to catch the cool weather.

● Great escape in the living room


Bring sofa cushions, pillows, and display cabinets to the balcony and make a fugitive in the living room, accompanied by a dark wood floor.

● Terrace dining more delicious


The large terrace is also a headache, and how can it be renovated to balance its functionality and spatiality? It is worthwhile to give the balcony other definitions - for example, as an open-air restaurant.

So, how to do a large terrace decoration?

● do not want to change the fish pond, protect the outlet

The drain on the roof may have only a few holes, but it is very important for the terrace. Many people refuse the top floor, that is, they are flooded with muddy deciduous plugs.

In fact, a piece of non-woven cloth or fine mesh is directly placed at the outlet of the drain, and the gravel and leaves can be isolated. Some people put stones in front of the hole so that the stone naturally obstructs the foliage. If you are afraid of typhoon and heavy rain, the earth and stone will be washed much. You may wish to build up bricks and stones around the drainage hole to encircle the small walls and block the blockage effectively. As long as we do a good job of protection, we will remove the fallen leaves around the hole from time to time and the problem will be solved.

● Do not want to change the garden, choose suitable for planting

For the top-floor terrace, it is almost a full-sunshine environment, and flowering plants, herb plants, aquatic plants, small shrubs, and even trees, which are abundant in sunshine, can all be planted. This is definitely a boon to those who like flowers.

If the terrace is attacked by the surrounding high-rises, the number of days of photography will decrease, then the full sun will be planted in the corner where the sunshine is longer, and the foliage will be planted in the shade.

●Do not want to spend time, potted landscape more change

The use of potted plants is the most recommended way of decorating the terrace. The advantage is that it is easy to move and can change the landscape at any time, and it can also prevent the most worrying issues such as water drainage.

Pots of course have to withstand the sun and rain, so the material must be selected for outdoor use.


●Do not want to be too monotonous, shop material enhances the overall sense

The ground floor of the top floor is mostly cement and it feels bare. To facilitate the cleaning, maintenance, and best maintain the original appearance of the ground in order to reduce the appearance of water and dirt. However, if you want to have an overall sense of the garden, you can use the demolition group of convenient surface materials, such as wood, stone, and small stones for the landscape is not recommended on a large area.

● Do not want to stand and watch, outdoor furniture should be durable

The terrace is not merely used for viewing. Practicality still emphasizes that a terrace where one can sit down, eat, or even read and soak up the sun is a good terrace. More seats in your home, quickly set it out! However, as with the flower, the furniture must also be suitable for outdoor use, such as plastic, aluminum, cast iron, and wood. Many outdoor furniture, such as rocking chairs, sun loungers, and parasols, are uniquely laid-back and make the terrace a solarium!

● Add rich landscape objects

If you feel that the terrace has flowers, grass, tables and chairs, you can add more things to enrich the terrace landscape.

Waterscape: The sound of water brings a cool feeling.

Lamps: There is night lighting in the garden to extend your rest time.

Decorative groceries: Sometimes the arrangement of accessories groceries is the finishing touch of a flourishing garden.

! ! ! ! The most important point of large terrace decoration - waterproof must be done

The terrace is not waterproof, so what you have is not just the "garden". You may also see the "seascape" and the "water curtain hole." So, how to do waterproofing on the terrace?


â–² Terrace waterproofing must do a good job

↓ First remove the surface layer

First, find the original waterproof layer, then remove it, and treat the base surface of the terrace. Be careful not to leave any greasy material such as greasy wax or wax to ensure that the base surface is flat and clean. If there is any void or crack, you need to First fix it. Then the leveling process is performed, and then the accumulated water in the lower insulation layer is drained, and a number of exhaust holes are provided for exhausting measures.

↓Waterproof layer

If you need to plant some plants on the terrace of your house, you need to make a water-repellent layer, and the water-repellent layer usually refers to the water-repellent layer of the polymer membrane or the waterproof layer of the modified asphalt membrane. The size of your own terrace area determines the type of waterproof layer you use. If it is a large area of ​​the terrace, Xiao Bian proposed to do modified asphalt membrane root waterproofing layer.

↓ find slope treatment

After the water-repellent layer is installed, it is also necessary to perform slope-seeking treatment to avoid formation of partial water storage. In general, cement mortar is used for leveling and slope finding. The slope should not be less than 3%.

→ Last closed water test

Observe that it is a pass without leaking water, then do maintenance and tile-laying on the waterproof layer and other layers of cement mortar, and finally do the green work on the terrace.

The World Cup is about to start soon, and quickly renovate the large terrace . We see you on the rooftop!

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