High Quality 3/4" Air Impact Wrench

Model NO.: 3/4"
Degree of Automation: Semi-automatic
Screwdriver Startup Mode: Hand press
Condition: New
Customized: Non-Customized
Trademark: SATA
Transport Package: Cartons
Specification: 3/4" square head
Origin: China
High Quality Air Tools 3/4" Air Impact Wrench Pneumatic Tools jackhammer
square drive 3/4" square 
working torque 371-1220NM 
Max. reverse torque 1761NM
Free rotation speed 5500
Capacity M25
Air Consumption 8CFM
Sound lever 101dB
Weight: 4.68kgs
air input size: 3/8"
minimum air pipe diameter 12.5mm
working air pressure 6.35kgf/cm2G
vibration 3.4M/S2

High Quality 3/4
High Quality 3/4


Pile Driver

Ground Screw driver,for installing ground screw, mainly applied for mounting garden fences,traffic guidancs,advertising boards,carports,flagpoles,wooden houses,Constructional Industry and etc. Electric tool max. power consumption is 1800W-5000W and workers can install more effective and saving time. Manual tool also widely used because of easy installation.

Driven piling is well known for the following advantages for construction issues –

Relatively small and lightweight equipment is required
Relatively small cross-section and high strength helps penetration in firm soil
Require minimal site preparation
Spoil free means minimal cost for disposal of site debris
Cost-effectiveness where many piles are required
High productivity compared to traditional concrete raft foundations
Suitability for a variety of ground conditions.

Honde Ground Screw, equipped with the most sophisticated installation machines, ensures your ground mount installation in any soil environment and
any applications is handled with precision and speed. Honde have developed two type of machinery with the strategic partner for ground screw installation,
the electric pile driver and Manual Pile Driver.

Electric Pile Driver,Screw Pile Driver,Hydraulic Pile Driver

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