Law enforcement supervision must also be professionally protected

Safety staff often need to go to toxic, hazardous, dusty, noise and other environments in their daily work. This requires us to know how to protect ourselves.

1, according to the provisions of the relevant inspection personnel to be equipped with protective equipment. For dust (toxic) masks, ear plugs, helmets, anti-static clothing, acid shoes, and other commonly used protective equipment to be fully equipped with good. In addition to being a protection for yourself, it can also give companies a good impression.

2. Before the inspection, we must first review the basic situation of the company and be targeted. Before the law enforcement supervision, we must first understand the basic situation of the company and carry the labor protection products that may be used.

3, wear anti-static clothing. Safety personnel are exposed to dust, flammable and explosive places and there are many opportunities, and clothes are not easily replaced at any time. Therefore, law enforcement officers are advised to wear anti-static clothing during work.

4, do not carry fire. As a safety supervisor, it is best not to carry the fire with them, so as not to inadvertently bring the fire into the ban.

5. It is advisable for conditional units to purchase personal accident insurance for front-line staff.

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