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The bathtub is made of FRP fiberglass, CMC ceramic matrix composites, and acrylic. There are two kinds of styles, independent and embedded, and the selection and installation of free-standing bathtubs are important, except that the bathroom space is large enough to accommodate, and the other is to determine that the drain outlet is connected to the hot and cold water inlets. The inline type can be used; Bathtubs need to pay attention to the construction, first look at whether the bathtub body according to the wall, if necessary, first complete the laying of the ground tiles, and then install the bathtub and fill in the gap Silicom to complete; without a wall of the bathtub must be brickwork Wall support is more time-consuming and troublesome.

Free-standing bathtub

The free-standing bathtubs are generally sleek and pleasing to the outside, and they are easier to install. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the inlet and outlet connections and bath shower heads to be installed on bathtub bodies or walls.

Under the bathtub

Many people like the Jacuzzi are mostly under the embedded style, so the bathroom space should be enough, and build a brick wall as a support, and remember to keep maintenance holes for easy maintenance.

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If you choose an embedded bathtub, even if it is a jacuzzi, it is best to have a maintenance hole. Once there is a problem, it is convenient to check where the problem lies and solve it.

Faucet, shower, shower tower, shower head

All water outlet equipment in the bathroom can be said to have the finishing touch, not only necessary, its shape is more, it is the key to creating a bathroom space taste, but still an old saying, pay attention to the appearance before relying on the needs of life, so as to avoid It's also useless if you can't use it. Like faucets, from the early electroplating of metal to today's ceramic materials, variability and service life have also increased, but I decorated my home network reminded to buy the most attention to switch rotation, the quality and fluency of the ceramic core, to ensure that the time is not long There will be a blockage. Then shower, shower tower, need to pay special attention to height, may wish to measure the distance between the world of their own bathroom, at least 210 cm, and also take into account the proportion of home members height, so that after installing the shower, people will not hit the head when taking a shower As for the shower column, because the height of the hot and cold water outlet hole is about 80 cm, so we have to calculate the height of the installation. After the completion of the construction, there will be no top-level safety concerns.

Ceiling shower

Regardless of whether it is a ceiling shower or a shower tower, there are two things to pay special attention to when installing: height and pressure. As long as these two items are fine, you can enjoy the shower fun.

Wall-mounted shower head

Most manufacturers now introduce showerheads that increase the top-spray function, in addition to enjoying similar shower effects.

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Measure the water pressure to the hydropower line to buy a water pressure gauge, or buy a home appliance to measure it. Generally shower heads and shower heads need water pressure of 1 to 2 kgf/cm2, and then the massage column with massage effect should be at least 2.5 The water pressure of kgf/cm2 is good for multiple water outlets and will not cause uneven flow.

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