The purchase of balcony doors and windows

Balcony doors and windows are generally the largest home windows and doors, then the quality of the balcony doors and windows must be very good, when the decoration of the balcony door and window materials must be careful! Let's take a look at the purchase of balcony doors and windows material!

At present, there are mainly two types of materials for the balcony door and window package, one is an aluminum alloy and the other is a plastic steel profile.

Aluminum alloy is currently used more balcony doors and windows decorative materials, product quality and construction processes are more mature. However, when you are in the decoration, it is best to find a regular construction team to serve you, so as to avoid problems such as shoddy, cutting corners and other issues.

The steel doors and windows of balcony doors and windows are new decorative materials in recent years. Compared with other door and window materials, the heat insulation and noise reduction functions of balcony doors and windows made of plastic are all higher than 30%, but the cost is only aluminum. About 10% of the alloy material. If used in conjunction with double glass, the effect will be greatly improved. If you use plastic balcony doors and windows with good sealing performance, you can save energy by 30% to 50%, and can reduce indoor noise to one-third of the outdoor, and maintain at about 30dB. Therefore, it is recommended that you use plastic-steel doors and windows for balcony doors and windows when the budget for decoration is relatively lenient.

Floor materials: If your balcony is not encapsulated, you can use anti-skid tiles with good waterproof performance; if you encapsulate the balcony doors and windows, and open the room, you can use the same floor decoration materials as the interior. However, if you are washing clothes on the balcony, it is preferred to use non-slip tiles.

Wall and top material: Similarly, if the balcony is not encapsulated, exterior paint can be used; if the balcony doors and windows are packaged, interior latex paint can be used.

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