Identification of Imported Cabinets and Domestic Cabinets

1. Certificates: The two most important proofs of birth – Customs declarations, authorization certificates for foreign manufacturers.

2. Details: Pay attention to the corners, whether each combination is coordinated and whether the joint is tight. Counterfeit due to the production of low technical standards, the process can not meet the requirements of the joint prone to uneven, paint is not smooth, poor smoothness and other circumstances.

3. Function: storage function, washing function, catering function, cooking function, visual function, extension function, etc.

4. Doors: A, baked car paint - "six paint, a molding", color accuracy, finish, brightness, hardness, thickness and other special processing capacity of high B, solid wood - cherry, walnut, white Pear wood, birch, oak, beech, etc. C, wood veneer D, density board plastic E, density board fire board. Its variety is generally more than 100.

5. Cabinet: The raw materials meet international standards, and the structure and installation are international production lines.

6. Hardware: Austria BLUM slides, Italian SAL é„„ é“° ICE hinges, SCILM legs, Germany HETTICH slide. Need to provide proof of qualification.

7. Handle: nickel-plated metal, chrome alloy, stainless steel, steel wood mixed, copper, porcelain, crystal and so on.

8. Glass: fireproof, explosion-proof, no radiation.

9.Delivery time: Due to the mature production line of imported cabinets, the foreign production cycle is generally shorter than domestic ones. However, due to the order confirmation, shipping, port transfer, customs declaration and other links, the delivery time is generally about 3 months.

10. Pricing: A. All imported cabinets adopt a scientific “cabinet” pricing method. Customers can clearly know each component contained in the cabinet. B. Settlement of C and internationally uniform prices at the exchange rate of the day.

11. Design software: Using the design system exclusively for the brand, automatically generate quotes, renderings, line drawings, and floor plans.

12. Brand Culture: As most European brands have gone through decades or even centuries of history, their long-standing brand philosophy is beyond the reach of ordinary and ordinary brands.

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