How to choose a toilet

For modern urbanites, the bathroom is no longer a simple "return of the grain," and people's requirements for bathroom products are constantly being updated. From the previous comfort, aesthetics, and practicality, to the present personality and energy saving. As an important member of the toilet, toilets are constantly introduced every year. Prices range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, and even a star toilet of 10,000 yuan appears. Faced with a wide range of goods, do you have a feeling of provocation? The toilets on the market can be divided into two types based on flushing: siphon type and open type (ie, straight flush type). Relatively straight flush, the siphonic toilet is different in that it rushes on one side and has a siphon effect on one side, which can quickly discharge dirt.

When choosing a toilet, in addition to watching the flushing method, you also need to pay attention to "three look." A look at the interior, in order to save costs, many toilets have no glazed return bends, while Others use a small elastic, poor sealing performance of the pad. Such toilets are prone to fouling and clogging, and are prone to leaking. Therefore, when buying, put your hands into the toilet's dirt, and touch the inside to see if it is smooth. Secondly, look at the glaze. The surface of a good toilet is smooth, meticulous, and has no flaws. After repeated washing, it can still be smooth as new; Find out what kind of installation and warranty service you can accept to avoid inconvenience and disputes in the future.
Q: Which type of toilet flushes dirty things relatively clean?
A: The siphonic toilet easily flushes dirt that is attached to the surface of the toilet. The advantage of the flush-type toilet is that the diameter of the sewer pipe is large, and the larger sluice is easy to flush. They have advantages and disadvantages, so they must be combined with the actual situation when purchasing.
Q: Is it flush-type or siphon-type water-saving?
A: Whether the toilet saves water is affected by two aspects: one is the water tank and the other is the bucket. Most of the European brands are straight flush, characterized by a short path to the flushing water pipeline and a thick diameter, which can be easily washed out by the water's gravitational acceleration. The siphon-type pipelines are tall, long and thin. Because the smaller the diameter, the more obvious the effect of siphoning, the greater the pumping force. As a result, the demand for water is high. However, even if a water-saving water tank is used, if it is equipped with a large bucket with a large amount of water, it is useless. Therefore, attention should be paid to the cooperation of the tank and the bucket.
Q: What issues need to pay attention to when unpacking the toilet?
A: The toilet should undergo strict quality inspection before leaving the factory, such as testing water, visual appearance, etc. The products that can be sold on the market are generally qualified products, but you must check the goods in the face of the merchant and check whether it is There are obvious defects and bumps, and whether there are chromatic aberrations in various parts.
Q: Where does the hole pitch of the toilet come from?
A: From the wall to the launch radius. Note that after you paste the wall tiles, calculate the hole spacing, otherwise tiling will not be enough.

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