Teach you how to buy pesticides

The purchase of pesticides must be based on the active ingredients. In addition to the pesticide registration certificate, the permit certificate, and the manufacturer's address, the qualified pesticide product must also indicate the active ingredient. For pesticides that do not contain the active ingredients, it is not clear which specific diseases or pests can be controlled. It should be regarded as a fake pesticide, and it is best not to buy it. For example, the active ingredient of Shigao is difenoconazole, and the active ingredient of Fuxing is flusilazole, which are chemically synthesized triazole fungicides.

High-priced pesticides, the cost of medication is not necessarily high. The use of pesticides, reducing the cost of medication is a must. However, after accounting, it is found that the cost of pesticides with high unit prices is not high. For example, 40% Fuxing emulsifiable concentrate is priced at 700 yuan per liter (kg) of Fuxing emulsifiable concentrate, and the commonly used concentration for controlling pear black spot disease is 8000~10000 times. Use 8000 times, that is, 8000 kg of water per kilogram of Fuxing plus water, according to the calculation of 15 kg of liquid per tree per tree, the cost of medicine for each tree is 1.4 yuan. Prevention and treatment of pear black spot disease in the critical period using Fuxing 3 to 4 times can achieve the effect of disease-free leaves and diseased fruit throughout the year. If a low-priced pesticide is used, the cost of administration is not necessarily low due to the low use ratio and the number of uses, and the control effect is difficult to compare with Fuxing.

Try to buy a single agent, use the compounding agent with two or more pesticides carefully. The purpose of the compounding is to complement the insecticidal effect and improve the control effect. The compounding of the fungicide is to overcome or delay the pathogen. The resistance of the fungicide is produced. Jinleiduome Mn-Zn, anti-virus cockroach, kelu, Anke Mn-Zn, Xiansheng, moldy gram, etc. are all good bactericidal compounding agents. A large number of compound pesticides appear on the market, some use a single agent mechanism of action similar, can not achieve synergistic effect; some are the compounding of pesticides to control different types of pests, although the formula is acceptable, but only in these pests to achieve prevention The indicator is applicable. It is difficult for two different types of pests to reach the control indicators at the same time. The use of such a compounding agent is actually a waste and increases the cost of medication.

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