Strategic Countermeasures for the Development of Informatization of China's Machinery Manufacturing Industry

Mechanical manufacturing is the material basis of national economic and social development and an important embodiment of a country's overall national strength. With the globalization of economy, China is becoming the center of the world's machinery manufacturing industry. However, compared with developed countries, China's machinery manufacturing industry not only has outdated manufacturing equipment, backward production automation technology, extensive enterprise management, lack of independent innovation products and advanced technologies. And there is a big gap in terms of speed, quality, low cost, and quality service. Therefore, it is of great significance to correctly analyze the brand advantage, technical advantage and cost advantage of China's machinery manufacturing industry, and according to the characteristics of different types of manufacturing industry, it is important to propose the information strategy of manufacturing industry.
I. Opportunities and Challenges Faced by China's Machinery Manufacturing Industry China's machinery manufacturing industry is facing a huge domestic demand market and a more open international market, and is becoming a global machinery manufacturing base. Mechanical manufacturing, which relies on resource consumption and low labor costs, is difficult to maintain sustainable development. Therefore, the lack of independent innovation technology and brand machinery manufacturing enterprises, the urgent need to improve their own competitive environment, it is possible to make China gradually develop from a major machinery manufacturing country into a manufacturing power. The challenges faced by China's machinery manufacturing industry mainly come from the challenges posed by international market competition:
First, in terms of speed, the needs of international and domestic consumers are increasingly personalized. Leading companies have implemented “zero inventory management” to reduce inventory risks, and these inventory risks are often passed on to certain manufacturers. This puts more stringent conditions on the manufacturing company: shorter lead times, fewer quantities, and more varieties. The market has put forward a serious challenge to the manufacturing industry that the speed of new product launches and the speed of order delivery are “faster”.
Second, in terms of high quality, many mechanical manufacturing companies are committed to ISO9000 quality system certification, and their emphasis on quality is getting higher and higher, but often more forms than substance, especially in many details are not scientific and reasonable. In the face of pressure from falling product prices, manufacturers often try to reduce product manufacturing costs as much as possible, which often leads to a decline in product quality, increased product maintenance and service costs, and higher and higher customer requirements for product quality. , which affects customer satisfaction.
Third, in terms of cost control, China's machinery manufacturing industry has become a big manufacturing country relying on low labor cost advantage, but this advantage belongs to comparative advantage and short-term advantage. Therefore, how to establish a continuous price competitive advantage of machinery manufacturing enterprises through cost control and improving production efficiency It has become a problem that manufacturing companies must solve.
Fourth, in terms of quality service, the concept of the majority of machinery manufacturing companies still stays in the resale of products, light sales services, which is like taking medicine without diagnosis. It is terrible. Therefore, it is necessary to make market research and decision-making new product development and development according to market needs, and to diagnose and improve the problems of products through after-sales technical training and maintenance services. Enhance the integrity of the company by improving the quality of its services.
Second, China's machinery manufacturing information development strategy and significance With the supply of more machinery manufacturing industry in China, China's machinery manufacturing enterprises have gradually transitioned to the sales model of sales, through the products and services to meet customer needs. Benefit. However, at this stage, many mechanical manufacturing companies in China are pursuing the goal of maximizing their own profits. Such short-term goals are likely to lead to “short-sightedness” of corporate strategies and behaviors, and helping customers achieve value maximization is the goal of modern enterprises. Manufacturers should use enterprises, suppliers and users as a community of interests to attract, acquire, retain and develop valuable customers through an efficient and orderly information management method and advanced information technology, and maintain lifelong interaction with them. Relationships, understand and plan to meet their needs, and ultimately achieve a win-win situation for both the company and the customer. Only in the mechanical manufacturing information engineering project, every element of the value chain can be profitable, and the entire value chain can continue to develop. Therefore, China's machinery manufacturing industry should form a mutually beneficial and benign competitive environment, and jointly maintain the healthy development of the entire machinery manufacturing industry and achieve a win-win situation.
In order to achieve the goal of “helping customers achieve value maximization”, mechanical manufacturing enterprises can choose differentiated enterprise value positioning and competitive strategy according to their own resources and strength. With the continuous changes in customer demand and increased competition, the core competitiveness of today's machinery manufacturing industry has evolved into four aspects: fast, high quality, low cost and high quality service. To establish and cultivate these core competitiveness, manufacturing enterprises need to ensure product design capabilities, manufacturing technology, processing equipment and other engineering technologies; at the same time, constantly improve the enterprise's information management and quality service system to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. First, we must shorten the product development cycle through product design and development process informationization, and improve the quality and level of product development.
The second is to help enterprises achieve centralized management through information technology. Applying ERP enterprise resource planning and OA automation management system, machinery manufacturing enterprises realize process-based standardized management, reduce management costs and improve management capabilities. The third is to help enterprises cultivate core competitiveness and achieve differentiated competitive strategies through collaborative product development, e-commerce and supply chain management.
III. Strategic countermeasures for the development of informationization in China's machinery manufacturing industry Due to the large differences in the industries, operating products and scales of machinery manufacturing enterprises, according to the differences in the competitive advantages of different manufacturing enterprises, China's machinery manufacturing enterprises are divided into brand advantages and technological advantages. And cost-effective manufacturing companies. For the same industry sector, there are also different companies with brand advantage, technology advantage and cost advantage. Different types of manufacturing enterprises should have corresponding information measures.
1. Brand-oriented manufacturing enterprise information development countermeasures The typical characteristics of brand-oriented machinery manufacturing enterprises are high brand awareness, such as domestic brand machine tool enterprises, domestic brand automobile enterprises, etc., such manufacturers can grasp and lead consumers. The demand, design a wide variety of fashion products, has a strong marketing channel, they are often the industry leader and benchmarking company, but also the chain of the product chain, with a high market share and pricing power. For the brand-dominant manufacturing enterprises, their core competitiveness lies in the product design ability, product marketing channels, understanding of customer needs, product supply chain management, etc. The informationization countermeasures mainly include the following aspects: (1) Strengthen customer demand management and distributor management, establish CRM customer relationship management system and DMS operator management system; (2) Establish SCM supply chain management system, design and manufacture the manufacturing capabilities of each member of the product supply chain, and realize the members of the supply chain (3) Through the PLM product lifecycle management or PDM product data management system, realize the information management of product development process, including product data, process, design innovation, etc.; (4) Implement ERP enterprise resources Planning, OA office automation system, enterprise realizes process-based standardized management; (5) realizes collaborative business and application between enterprise and customer, enterprise and supplier through e-commerce system; (6) through data warehouse and data mining Establish core business performance and management key performance indicator systems and models to provide business decision-making Decision-making data.
2. Technology-advanced machinery manufacturing enterprise information development countermeasures Technology superiority machinery manufacturing enterprise refers to the ability to continuously develop high-quality, high-tech products, with independent research and development of products and core technologies, core technology can be product design technology Or manufacturing technology. For the technologically superior manufacturing enterprises, their international core competitiveness lies in the independent research and development innovation capability of the products, the core design technology or mechanical manufacturing processing technology, advanced quality management capabilities and high-quality product service level. The informationization countermeasures mainly include the following: Several aspects: (1) The information system (PLM or PDM) of the product development process is the core of informationization. Other CRM customer management systems, ERP engineering resource planning systems, MES manufacturing process systems, and OA systems need to be associated with PLM or PDM systems. Integration, product data, process information, manufacturing assembly information, etc. from PLM or PDM systems. (2) Through the product life cycle management (PLM) or product data management (PDM) system, realize the information management of the product development process, and use PLM or PDM system to uniformly manage the product data of many CAX systems such as CAD, CAM, CAPP, CAE, etc. , version management and design innovation. (3) Apply ERP and office automation OA system, and realize the process-based standardized management. (4) Using the CRM system to effectively manage customer information, sales processes, sales opportunity information, and use the MES system to effectively control and manage the manufacturing process. (5) Through the application of collaborative development platform, collaborative product development between enterprises and customers, partners and suppliers. 3. Cost-competitive mechanical manufacturing enterprise information development strategy countermeasures Most of China's machinery manufacturing enterprises choose the cost advantage countermeasures, through the control of cost, to obtain market share and lower gross profit with low-priced products. For the cost-competitive manufacturing enterprises, the core competitiveness lies in the low-cost control and high production efficiency of the product manufacturing process. The informationization countermeasures mainly include the following aspects: First, the enterprise resource planning ERP system is the core of informationization, and other MES The CRM, CAD/CAM, and OA systems need to be integrated with the ERP system to provide customers, orders, product design data, and manufacturing data to the ERP system, and obtain information such as production plans, product inventory, and order execution from the ERP system. Second, the implementation of ERP system requires the production plan MPS/MRP as the core, in addition to the application of financial management, procurement management, sales management, inventory management, quality management, human resources management, workshop management and other systems.
By applying the ERP system, the accuracy of the production plan is improved, the balance between plans and capabilities is realized, and the manufacturing cost and management cost of the enterprise are reduced, thereby obtaining the advantage of low cost. The third is to use CRM system to effectively manage customer information, sales process, sales opportunity information, MES system to effectively control and manage the manufacturing process. The OA system helps companies implement process-based day-to-day management. The fourth is to provide the required decision data for business decision-making through decision support systems or business intelligence systems.
In short, the mechanical manufacturing enterprises only have to identify their own product advantages, adopt effective competitive strategies, implement practical and feasible competition plans, and continuously enhance the independent innovation capability, management level and service quality of enterprises through information systems, and persist in cultivating long-term, The core competitiveness of sustainable development will enable China's machinery manufacturing enterprises to remain invincible in international competition.

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